Eva Longoria Victoria Beckham LG

If you had to choose two of the current fashion icons to advertise one of your products, which specifically seeks to be attractive for all fashion addicts who do you choose? Surely LG, the giant that for fifty years is responsible for proposing to its customers the most advanced technologies, aimed at the top choosing two “queens” of the international news, always the center of attention of photographers and paparazzi, to promote the latest phone, Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham. The most glamorous of desperate housewives and a glossy and fashionable wife of famous footballer David Beckham have in fact acted together in a commercial filmed for LG to introduce the world to find the very latest in terms of telephony.

In the spot Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham have fun and play clicking photos of each other with the new mobile phone models offered by LG, specifically Mrs. Beckham holds the brand new LG Lotus Elite while Longoria shows off in the spot l ‘ “LG Rumor Touch“. An image rather unusual, not because of the desperate housewife who has only the title, more accustomed to flaunt big smiles and haunting laughter to win over the public and promote highly commercial products (the make up, the L’Oreal products, to colezioni of many different designers), but for the most unusual version never seen Victoria Beckham, who after leaving the Spice Girls years ago seems to reserve smiles and laughter only to the moments devoted to his private life to the public to propose instead a’ image more serious and sophisticated but decidedly sulky. Photo: www.software.tuttogratis.it

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