Ericsson on the Mend, Despite Deficit

Despite a deficit in the fourth quarter, it’s going the right way for Sweden’s Ericsson, which produces mobile accessories.

The Swedish company Ericsson, who once even produced mobile phones, are going through a difficult period, but there is progress to track on the accounts.

Ericsson produces now accessories and equipment for mobile phones, but find it hard to come to terms, write our site.

Although the company is in a difficult transitional phase, however, it goes a little in the right direction.

In the fourth quarter of 2012, Ericsson had a deficit at 3.9 billion Swedish kronor.

It sounds immediately by much, but analysts had expected a larger deficit of around 4.3 billion Swedish kronder and it got the price to increase. Ericsson’s shares on the stock exchange in Stockholm increased after the accounts with nine percent.

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