Emporia Vodafone RL1 in Practice

Vodafone has recorded a senior mobile in the program. The Vodafone RL comes from the Austrian manufacturer Emporia.

He specializes in senior-friendly cell phones and boasts what is a little more to offer than slimmed-down mobile phones with big buttons. But the devices reveal that only upon closer inspection. At first glance, the RL1 is a stripped-down mobile phone with big buttons. 15 x 12 mm measures each individual digit key and is also generously labeled.

The buttons with up to the edge of the housing and not even so huge fails millimeters as the Vodafone Emporia RL1 with its 108 x 51 x 14. Current touchscreen smartphones are not, or not significantly smaller and in the test period we have transported the RL1 in your pocket.

The self-luminous OLEDDisplay offers a strong contrast and is good to read even in bright light. For the representation of the menu are three different font sizes to choose from. A menu entry for the display time is too long, he wanders scroll slowly through the display.

Solid processing

The sharp-edged housing of the Vodafone Emporia RL1 is properly processed, do not expect a stylish phone with a price of around 100 euros without a contract. The phone is noticeably made of plastic, but pleasant feeling thanks to the matte surface. The only point of criticism: In the test he is never accidentally went off, but the battery cover dissolves slightly too light for our taste.

The facilities Spartan fails: with the Vodafone Emporia RL1 you can call itself and also you can send and receive SMS. Then it stops also. A camera, a browser? Error display. As extras, there is only a simple compositing, an alarm clock, a reminder for birthdays, as well as a small LED flashlight. Not anymore.

We have not found even an accessibility such as T9, which helps when typing SMS, and the address book stores only one number per contact. Those seeking a mobile phone a pure form that is also easy to use allows, is right here. Only restriction: as a dual-band phone it is not appropriate for the United States.

Simple menu

The facilities accordingly fails also the menu open: four entries in the main menu are sufficient here, and also on the lower level you can get lost is hardly. Only the Setup fails with right over 30 entries long, for each possible option can be found here but really.

As a special highlight, the ability to receive address book entries by SMS offers the Vodafone Emporia RL1 as all models of emporia. The mobile phone receives a short message with the contents of #Name#Nummer#, a new address book entry is created automatically. So, friends or the dear relatives can enter their numbers from a distance in the address book.

Who is uncomfortable with this remote control, which can also disable the feature or set so that only contacts that have already been entered in the phone book, create new address book entries via SMS. And just the topic SMS who itself is too complicated, can hide this menu item.

The flashing LED for calls, as well as loud, somewhat shrill ring tones help older users. According to Emporia hearing aid compatible loudspeaker sounded in the test also vigorously. At the other end of the line, the RL1 user sounds natural.

As with all models there is a 3.5-millimeter Jack on the headphones to the phone can be connect again. The manufacturer has refused an emergency button. For this, Vodafone offers his home option, which is reachable within a radius of two kilometres to a specified address under a landline number and thus the normal telephone tariff.

Included you will find a stylish charging stand, where the mobile home has his safe place. The compact charger can be taken of course on travel. Like the elegance, the RL1 is ideal for young-at-heart, active seniors.

Conclusion: Good investment

With a price of 99 euros without a contract, the Emporia Vodafone RL1 given the meager facilities is not necessarily cheap. But anyone looking for a really easy to use mobile, will pay like that. And there’s the RL1 of course already from 1 euro with contract.

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