Dress Style for Christmas

Hi Manolo,

Of all, I would like to thank for a great fashion site. You have helped me many times
and I am grateful for! Now I’m going on a little Christmas style with my University mates where
the dress code is suit. Then thought to have my pinstriped suit with a white shirt but the question then is what tie and handkerchief I will have to. I have an incredibly stylish handkerchief that is red with white stripes, these white stripes are framed by a thin black stripe on each side. I think this would be suitable for bringing the Christmas feeling with the Red element. But what tie should I wear?

I am in two minds between taking a tie that has the same design as the handkerchief, but I’m a little skeptical about this as it is a bit broader model (approx. 6 cm at widest point)-is this okay? Also, I have heard that you should avoid running the exact same pattern on the tie and handkerchief. If this is the case, I have a problem because I can not find any tie that has the same red hue.

The other option that I’ve been recommended by MQ’s staff is a narrower, textured black tie but this really works on a Christmas style? Black tie has surely at funerals?

Would be incredibly grateful if I could get some clarity in this!

Andreas N

Hi Andreas,

My father has a julslips who plays fun melodies when pressed on a button that is sewn into the tie. It does have gnomes on and is very Christmassy. Christmas is good and helpful in many ways, but there are few Christmas typical things that are especially stylish (Vasumas knitted christmas sweater is a questionable exception).

Having a red detail of dress code in order to strengthen the feeling of Christmas at a student sittning I think is perfectly ok. As for the tie, there will be little Christmas warning if you go with red. Instead, I would suggest a tie which captures the gray in the handkerchief. Here you see an example of floral summer dress from Slipsklubben. When you have both striped in the suit and in the handkerchief, it can easily become a bit over patterned even if the tie is striped, so look for a solid color.

With regard to the width of the tie so it is the battle on the jacket that determines. Wide strokes-wide tie. Narrow lapels and slim Blazer-skinny tie.

Merry Christmas and a pleasant seating!


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