Dior History of Brand

Christian Dior was born in 1905 in Normandy as the first of five children.

Although the parents insisted that he would become a diplomat so wanted Christian Dior differently-he wanted to work with art.
With the help of a small start-up capital from the father opened Dior a small art gallery in Paris in 1928, under the premise that the family name would not appear on the site.

After a family tragedy two years later forced the Dior put down his gallery. He started to take an interest in the fashion industry and began to feed themselves as Sketch artist for various Haute Couture houses.

In 1947, when he broke through with a bang in his own name, with the appearance of the legendary collection that would later be named “The New Look”, was it not many people knew who the little flintskallige the tailor was. He was in these contexts until then anonymous, but would, according to many path new path of Haute Couture scene. Others said (including Balenciaga and Coco Chanel) that it was not at all anything innovative with his creations.
The who said that it was innovative was they who was fascinated by the huge amounts of fabric that constituted the creations. Some dresses had so much fabric that total weight of 4 kg. For an everyday dress. A black summer dress for more festive occasions could not rarely exceed 30 kilos. Nothing to dance in, in other words.
During the next ten years dominated the Christian Dior Haute Couture scene, with two colorful collections each year, until 1957, only 52 years old, died of a heart attack.
New Creative Director became the young, only 21 years old, Yves Saint Laurent.

Not much till then for the men to cheer for. Dior had at this time and almost right up to the present day not much to come up with on that front. Some taffliga attempt to make men’s clothes and a bad-smelling violparfym in your résumé. It was only at the turn of the Millennium, in 2000, when a certain man named Hedi Slimane has been contracted as the new creative director that things began to happen.

Just as Dior fifty years ago revolutionized the fashion world with a whole new look, the former YSL-designer revolutionize the stereotypical male fashion. Esther “New Look”, if one can take the liberty to call it that, was composed of young, skinny teenage boys in hideously athletic cut silhouettes. The boys-who according to Hedi was at least as important as the clothes-of course it was handpicked and they all had in common was that they were underweight and pale, seemingly under-nourished. Nasty (or not, depending on how you look at it) tongues claimed that Hedi handed out the stringent directives relating to the models would not go outdoors-in case of emergency, in the company of a large umbrella-days before the screening.

A few days ago it was announced-after almost a year of speculation-to Hedi Slimane ends at Dior. After over seven years have staked a claim in their own form of fashion he leaves fashion house. As deputies will called the ‘ former Assistant Kris van Assche, Dior hopes to bring a new direction to their men’s line. The only question is whether there will be a new “New Look”?

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