Different Forms of Glasses

Here are some forms of trendy glasses. For each one you will find some advice about whether the shape suits your face. If you want to know more and know the types of appropriate mount to your body, see our article on the choice of glasses depending on the shape of his face. Finally, do not hesitate to try glasses online, a convenient way to test different forms while remaining comfortably at home …

Round glasses

Glamor, retro 30s, nerd or hippie, round glasses express a certain character and a style and it’s no coincidence that they remain in the most worn forms for years. Featured in the 70s, round glasses made his comeback for 2 years and is even present in the 2017 collections. In the retro trend, it will be probably the most vintage form to the fore in the next season – even if fashion did grow in size by making them cover half the face: the oversized round glasses and then mark their originality a rather refined taste! They are found in thick or thin frames with dark or clear glasses.

The round glasses often give a little trendy and friendly side, they give the envy of contact, communication, round creates the empathy and sympathy! They are often worn by the artists or intellectuals, we all remember the famous John Lennon glasses or those of Harry Potter.

The round shape is recommended for long faces who want to soften their features or enhance the sweetness of the face.

It is particularly suitable for square or rectangular faces.

Avoid for round faces unless you really want the round to round!

If you have chubby cheeks, round glasses highlighting the curved rather choose oval.

Attention also to eyebrows, very round sometimes rises to the top and can hide breaking harmony.

Oval Glasses

Preferred form of Manufacturers, oval glasses are everywhere especially in female models to their sensual lines, although in recent years they offer some success on male mounts… And for good reason! The oval shape provides unquestionably of sweetness, a younger and less stern. It highlights the face, makes a class and relaxed pace.

A square or very masculine face will be so softened by an oval window. The frame should be large enough to fully “fill the square space.”

A round face with oval glasses give you a playful and childish …

The oval, still in its concern to soften the angles, is particularly recommended with a rectangular or angular face.

The glasses Pantos

This particular shape was very popular in the arts and culture of the 40 The shape of the glasses is round or oval and flattened on top. The glasses are Pantos back strong in recent years by Paul & Joe retro glasses even show the exact shape of the bridge (part that rests on the nose) which is similar to the time a key.

Square glasses

The square shape is rare however it can meet more frequently this year because it is trendy. She brings a serious air, structure the face, adds character. It highlights the eyes.

Recommended for round faces, oval or triangular .

Rectangular glasses

This is a rather classical form and is the favorite of the great creators because of the many characters she can express: rigor, pragmatism, refinement, serious, strict and even glamor. Rectangular glasses reinforce the voluntary side, the strength of character. They structure the face and accentuate the dynamism and personality, bring elegance , chic and a certain maturity.

Recommended for round faces that want to give a serious look or oval faces who thus find it more harmonious.

The shape wide rectangle is appropriate for a long thin face, it will expand the features and reduce the height of the face.

Driver Glasses / Aviator

Contrary to popular belief, the drivers forms are equally suitable for women than men. The aviator shape glasses are always stylish and often represent a safe bet because their basic style that can be associated with any look.

Recommended for square faces, oval or triangular.

lasses Clubmasters

The clubmaster form continues to be trendy. Straight out of the 50s, the Clubmasters glasses reflect a rock’n’roll side! Popular model men they fit gradually in particular female models with slightly flickering shapes.

The Clubmaster is often associated with the wayfarer, both retro and unisex, they have almost identical form with a subtle difference: clubmaster having no thickness on the bottom of the frame. The chic this year mounts Clubmaster half shell, golden half metal.

Note that Ray Ban has updated its original model, the new Clubmasters are now made in a range of colors imposing: from indigo blue to white through orange or classic black. This year they can even be adorned with floral patterns and gradient lenses.

The clubmaster form is particularly suitable for faces but also be good enough for any type of face.

Wayfarer glasses

The wayfarer shape is always appreciated. In reality, whatever the mode, there are fans of this model and those who do not want! To know which side you are, there is only one solution: the essayez- and let your personality!

The wayfayer particularly suitable for round or oval faces.

Butterfly glasses

Very feminine, flirtatious and naughty, the butterfly shape just beautify and enhance your look! They are also called “eye -to-chat” or glasses “cat’s eyes”. With its harmonious shapes and rounded bottom up towards the temples, the butterfly window offers a real facelift stretching your lines up and opening your face.

In addition, this year, they are very trendy look trendy glasses for 2017! Many models of all shapes will also see go “incognito” to the fluttering!

The heightened form butterfly-typically taking the wings of a butterfly – will unfortunately not for everyone, but when adapted to face it gives a very trendy look and very star! Butterfly glasses especially if they are colorful bring a picture light, cheerful, festive, summer!

Butterfly glasses are the ideal shape for oval faces on which they descend the harmony of lines.

The butterfly shape also should the geometric shaped faces (diamond, for example) and triangular. The butterfly shape will help rebalance the forehead / chin dimensions while smoothing facial features.

For round faces should choose an oval fluttering.

The oversize glasses

The oversized glasses frames are these men to deliberately very large glasses: a confirmed trend is part of a wave back to the 50s Warning even if they are very fashionable in recent years, oversize glasses – or XXL – not are not for everyone! Avoid imperative if you have high cheekbones and a square face!

Remember, the sight mount should never cover your eyebrows!

When they are square or rectangular, they are particularly suitable for round and oval faces.

Avoid if you have the face end or lean.

If you opted for the oversized, consider the gradient lenses that are more aesthetic because they weigh down your face less.

The mask glasses

Mask shaped sunglasses are made of a single glass wrapping the face. Theycover the eyebrows and part of cheekbones and can take a variety of abstract or figurative forms.

The earliest forms of mask glasses appeared in the nineteenth century are none other than the “wolf glasses” or the “Travel glasses” used to protect themselves from the dust of the first steam locomotives ..

The mask shape fits most faces, choose it matches the shape of your face. The enveloping glass provides maximum protection. The mask glasses have the further advantage of being often very light and robust.

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