Decoration Tips Around Easter

Easter is early this year so we can think about the right decoration so slowly. By the way, a really good task to counteract the winter blues and bring some color to the home again. As beautiful as the fairy lights are, now is again time for tulips and colorful bouquets.

Color is definitely the motto of every Easter decoration, because finally we prepare for spring. Whether classic in yellow and green or rather in bright pink or blue, can be decorated according to your mood. Our motto: the more colorful, the better! Particularly beautiful are large and mixed tulip bouquets. With proper care, the flowers last for almost two weeks and allow the spring to return. So that the long stalks do not turn after a short time in the most diverse directions, there is a great tip from Grandma’s trick box: shortly under the flower a slit about 1 cm long in the style. For this you have to take a little time, but the flowers do not allow the heads to hang fast.

For the great Easter brunch with the family, this year will be a good start again. The delicious Easter lamb made of stir-fried dough cannot be missed in any case. The great thing about it is that the powdered sugar-dusted pudding not only tastes good, but can also be used perfectly for decoration purposes. Eaten on dishes with a colorful rim, drunk from classic crystal glasses . After all, no Easter table should overcharge. If the colorful crockery and the tulips are not enough, his painted Easter eggs can be presented on our site. Together with some chocolate or muffins, you have presented several tasty treats.

Speaking of colorful Easter eggs – of course, these must not be missing. I myself am not a great one Fan of the blasting and painting of the eggs, which is why I discovered a great alternative for me. First the eggs are cooked, so they can be eaten afterwards. With spray varnish and small stencils (self-made or from the baskets) the eggs can be decorated quickly and easily. With stickers and stamps, the art work can be given the finishing touch. Even jewels and feathers simply hold on to the eggs thanks to seconds glue and provide a small pinch of our site at the Easter table. If you want to make it easy, you can use a colorful and / or printed adhesive tape, which is simply stuck in strips over the shell. Goes ruckzuck, but is nevertheless effective. If you want to hang the round masterpieces, however, you do not get around the annoying blowing around – otherwise the eggs are simply too heavy. The colorful bowls can then be fixed in a vase with a small thread in a magnolia branch. The Easter bouquet looks particularly great, if color-matching flowers – preferably tulips or peonies – are put in between.

An absolute all-rounder, which fits every Easter decoration, is something green moss, which you get at the florist. In tea lights, vases or decorated with Easter eggs or rabbit figures, it looks great and brings naturalness and freshness to the table. Of course, rabbits must also appear in the decoration – whether as a porcelain figure, as a print on cups or hanging out is entirely up to you. The beauty is that the little knockers are now available in all possible colors, shapes and materials so that you can choose the pieces to match the rest of the decoration and your style of furnishing. If you are unsure or if you are already colorful on the Easter table thanks to dishes and flowers, you are always on the safe side with white porcelain bunnies.

REMZFAMILY wish you lots of fun with decorating!


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