Danish Wireless Speaker a Huge Hit with Apple

The Danish company Libratone has been producing the wireless speaker ZIPP, there has been a great success with Apple customers.

The Danish company Libratone has only been around for three years. Nevertheless, the company managed, providing many great competitors rear wheel.

Libratone produces speakers and their newest product, the ZIPP is according to our site has become the world’s fastest-selling wireless speaker.

In addition to good sound, is one of the secrets that the company with its simple design is aimed at women, to a greater extent, has got something to say, when to buy audio equipment for the home.

Founder and head of Libratone, Tommy Andersen says:

-“Women get greater and greater influence on what is available to buy in to the home-including what will be inserted into the audio equipment. But you have to talk to the women, you need another design language than to men.”

Libratone sells their speakers all over the world, including Apple Stores and the Apple Store online. From 2011 to 2012 doubled its turnover to 60 million dollars Libratone.

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