Complete Home Theater System Canton DM2

The Canton DM2 (1200 euro) is a 2.1 system with integrated surround decoders and to eliminate a multichannel system.

With active speakers for the PC and HiFi range Canton, the largest German manufacturer, holding back all people slightly. But in the program, an active, actually tailored to the home theater and TV mode 2.1 set that seems exciting even for music listeners can be found with the DM2.

If you look on the connection Panel of the subwoofer, sees quickly: this is more than a set of boxes – rather a complete system without a drive. An FM tuner is built as well as several analog inputs and a D/A converter for digital sources; In addition, the system processes digital 5.1 signals (DD and dts). Optionally a centre speaker and two re-boxes can be connected, or extensive menu for classic 2.1 operation select a virtual surround setting?

Heart of the system is the two-way radio remote control, which also tonal adjustments to listening room and installation can make. Particularly practical: It is able to learn and can control the basic functions of other devices such as DVD player, TV or satellite receiver with.

Chassis technically, there is full Hi-Fi: the aluminum drivers come from the classic Boxing program of Hesse, where the satellite with a small bridge in front of the midrange speakers are coaxial.


Devil and Canton optimize their sub/sat-sets of less uncompromising neutrality, but rather on level reserves: squeeze out of manageable volumes the subs 109 (Devil) or 107 dB (Canton), where the limitations of the DM2 satellite in practice is not crucial. The different voting revealed already the different purpose: the Canton are easily height-stressed on axis and sound therefore parallel to the wall about televisions, the best. The light height drop of the devil again would be great, damped rooms to muffigem sound lead. Such a vote is but quite reasonable on the desk, aimed directly at the listener.

Who has used something to control with the remote control of the system, will not miss them. And also acoustically, the set has a lot on it: right great cinema with deep bass waves it produces as well as clear, perhaps somewhat too finely chiselled classic tones. The satellite sound balanced, if parallel mounting the cubes to the wall, rather than to judge them on the phone.

Really fun is the set with rock and pop music: AC/DCs “Thunderstruck” fully played out his dynamic abilities and inspired with rich, crisp beats. Want the perfect plant for all nascent HiFi and home theater fans who have already a flat screen, but no Tower of devices in the living room.


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