Coming New Ouya Android Game Console Every Year

The people behind the Android-based slot machine OUYA, plan to send a new model on the market each year.

Unlike other gaming consoles, are planning the people behind OUYA, sending a new model on the market each year.

The strategy will be, thus, in many ways the same as on the smartphone market, where many producers send new updated devices on the market, about once a year.

Julie Uhrman, who is CEO of OUYA, says that both will get a OUYA 2 and OUYA 3, writes our site.

It might scare someone, but Julie Uhrman assures that all games will be backward-compatible, and the games will be tied together with the user, rather than the hardware you have purchased.

The before OUYA-console will be presented in March and is expected to be in the shops around June.

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