Comic Book Print Clothing

The retro wave is coming back and sweeping the world. There is nothing new, but what is beyond our expectation is that it has been popular for more than one season and it will continue its legend. And now it’s bringing one more hit of the past, with pop art and inspiration in classic comics, the comic print trend is one of the big bets for summer 2016. So, the trick is to choose the t-shirts, handbags, dresses and shoes which are full of color and ornament.
This trend is extremely funny, light and happy, but it’s not just out mixing anyway parts, you have to be able to merge parts with common sense.

Riding a look comic print

It is time to assemble the look, then, and you should prefer the combination of comic print with discrete, smooth parts to give a balance to the vision.
And don’t think the comic print is only present in t-shirts, we can find this trend in everything from wardrobe to decoration. Let’s face it, everything is extremely nifty!
Like the trend??? So how about investing in some skirts, shorts and pants for informal and relaxed occasions?
And for those who need a more serious, formal look, you can also apply this trend, and the tip is to appeal to tailoring pieces, such as pants, skirts and blazers!
OK, you have seen this trend in decorating and accessories, but the most popular item is the comic print t-shirt, It’s easier to create a look from the shirt, so what are you waiting for? If you’re still unsure about this style, the trick is to start with the t-shirts, such as a simple model, or a short one.
Of course, the brave people can choose cheerful and colorful models and accessories. For person who is cautious, the tip as advised by Physicscat is to invest only in handbags, jewelry, shoes and scarves!

Step back with the psychedelic trend!
Therefore, if boldness has everything to do with you, if color is critical in your look, the trick is to throw in more colors, such as red, blue, pink, yellow and;  while for the people who is less public can invest in more closed shades, such as black, white and gray. But in both cases the result is cheerful and funny and it can bring you more feelings of summer and vacations!


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