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Among the multitude of operators, the variety of deals they offer and the regular addition of services in these deals, it becomes increasingly difficult to select a mobile package. Our site an update for you on the key questions to ask before deciding.

You want to change plans to get a better offer? This approach is now very simple sinceall operators involved free of termination of your contract mobile being and allow you to keep your number phone.

Before the plunge, you need to clearly identify what your needs (duration of monthly communication, SMS, MMS, Options …) and then look for deals more in line with your expectations , which may prove difficult. Here are some tips to help you make your choice.

Occasional or irregular users: think of prepaid cards!

If your phone you just used to make calls occasionally, choosing a prepaid card may be appropriate. This is a SIM card (purchased with or without mobile) that you can recharge your way in many outlets (shop, a tobacco shop, Internet, telephone …).

Without exception, this type of offer without commitment or subscription is available to any operator. It has the advantage of letting you free to choose the price of your “recharge” according to your means and needs of the moment . This price, which varies between 2 euros and 100 euros, will determine the call credit you have available, the maximum time that you can use and the different options you have access.

You do not have to renew your credit regularly, you can not make calls but will continue to receive them. Be careful not to exceed the maximum period during which you can keep your online without charge your credit: while you may lose your number without recourse!

For simplicity: bet on subscription

If prepaid cards offer flexibility, they charge per minute of communication, SMS and access to much more expensive Internet as part of a subscription. For regular mobile phone users, so it is rather advisable to move towards packages including a subscription.

These have the advantage to provide the same services charged the same amount each month … provided you do not exceed the package of Use which you have subscribed! Think carefully check the cost charged for exceeding . To avoid this kind of inconvenience, most operators now offer packages “Call + unlimited SMS”. You can also choose to opt for a package blocked not allowing the off-plan, which is particularly advisable to equip your teens or tweens.

Whatever subscription you are considering, be sure to check certain points such as the postponement or not unused minutes of communications from one month to another, or the state of the network coverage of your home and areas you usually frequent.

A package with or without a new phone?

Whether in connection with the purchase of a prepaid card or subscription to a mobile subscription, telephone operators offer to avoid the systematic purchase of a new mobile opting only for a SIM card. This type of offer can help you benefit from very attractive offers!

If, however, you wish to purchase a new device, some operators including Orange, SFR or Bouygues can offer mobile inexpensive called “subsidized” in return for a 12 or 24 months and a subscription priced is on average higher. This type of offer would spread the expenditure related to the acquisition of the phone on the duration of the subscription, but you will however pay a fee if you wish to change operator before the end of the commitment period .

In case you want to change mobile regularly, eg to quickly take advantage of innovations, opt for a no entry fee and the purchase of a single mobile . The price of it is however relatively high.

Access to the mobile Internet

You frequently check your email accounts and social networks? You receive app notifications regularly? You use your mobile for daily listening to music or watching online videos? Your mobile plan must include access to the Internet at high or very high speed and a “fair use” enough.

This limit defines the maximum amount of data that can be downloaded monthly.Depending on the contract you have signed up, exceeding this volume can be very expensive, slow your speed or result in a cut of Internet access. So be attentive to what is provided by the various operators and do not underestimate your data consumption  : there are packages offering up to 20  GB of data, more than enough to avoid the blackout!

Another parameter that is important to check: the flow . It will determine in fact the rate at which data will flow to your mobile. A package including the 3G technology will allow you to use your mobile for just about anything (video, Internet, email, navigation, photos …), its rate of 1.9  Mb / s can still be insufficient for heavy users. With its improved throughput on the order of fifteen Mb / s, 3G + (or “H” for HSDPA) offers a significant reduction in load times , however, if you want to receive and send a lot of big data, opt rather for a H + package and its theoretical speed of 42 Mb / s, or 4G technology whose theoretical throughput reached more than 100 Mb / s.

But beware: access to these technologies depends on the operators and where you are . If the 3G network is now deployed on the vast majority of the territory by all operators, do not expect to have access to 4G everywhere!

What about international communication?

You travel for work or pleasure, live in the border area or are often in contact with a particular country? Increasingly packages include calls to or from, abroad .

So you can choose from packages with unlimited calling from France to landlines in more than 120 destinations, offers, proposing a number of hours at very competitive prices, but to a destination especially (Algeria, the DOM …), others where mobile Internet, SMS and unlimited calls to and from certain geographic areas (Europe and overseas for example) …

Some even offer premium rates calls and unlimited SMS options in some countriessuch as the US, benefits for communications with China … enough to adapt to all situations and meet all needs!

Check customer service, options and benefits available

If a problem with your bill, change of beneficiary and bank account to which charge a fee (when your children grow up, for example) or for any other formality, an available and accessible customer service you can greatly facilitate life .

According to operators, you will be informed in store, receive a telephone customer service … or just access to assistance via the Internet on a specific messaging system or on social networks. Do not forget to inquire about it at the time of purchase your package.

Also pay special attention to options and benefits offered, which can sometimes make all the difference. Some packages allow you, for example, enjoy free mobile TV , a data storage space or a second SIM card that allows you to use two different numbers simultaneously on the same phone.

Which operator to choose what service?

Network operators , Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free Mobile, have the right to certain frequencies and develop a mobile network and associated infrastructure. If you want a customer service available by phone, it is to them that you have to turn you. According to studies conducted by bodies of consumer groups, these operators indeed offer a better quality service both from the viewpoint of the reactivity of their advisors that the complaints rate. Except for Free, they proposed addition ofoptions and benefits that can be very interesting.

Operators MVNO, often referred to as virtual operators and among which may be mentioned for example Virgin Mobile, La Poste Mobile and NRJ Mobile, just buy a network operators to use package and resell it under their own brand. They are mainly interesting for their offers of specific services to specific population groups. Some aim Border or foreign tourists by offering prices to the very low international to the market while others, such as NRJ Mobile, are destined especially to young by offering cheap packages blocked. Few of them, however, provide services, options or benefits other than the most basic.

The “low cost” carriers are sub-brands at very low cost developed by network operators: Orange Sosh, B & You Bouygues Telecom and SFR Red. Their offers without commitment, without moving and only distributed via the Internet are those that allow you to benefit from the best rates . However, they suffer from lower quality of service: in case of problems, you can not in most cases reach a call center representative by chat, email or through social networks.

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