Care and Beautifying Your Nails

Our nails are a reflection of our personality and can be our best presentation card. Cares for and beautifies your nails because every detail counts.

Many times we have weak and brittle nails and not us we realize that is a symptom of a deficiency in our nutrition. Therefore cfirst omo point seeks to eat plenty of raw fruits and vegetables during the day, that is, two or three servings of each, also drink water and fruit juices.
Nails need many vitamins, enzymes, and minerals to stay healthy, and only the food you provide these vital elements, we will thus achieve caring for and beautifying our fingernails.

Here are some vitamins that favor our nails according to eWenzhou:

-Vitamin A and calcium: these are essential to prevent the brittle nails and the entrance of infections by fungi, causing unsightly lesions.

-Protein, vitamin C and folic acid: proteins help the nails keep firm and hard.

-Zinc, vitamin B12 and phosphorus: phosphorus will find you in the natural juices of carrot.

To keep your nails healthy and avoid fragility should have certain care:
-Do not eat the nails or tear or pull cuticles.

-Protect your nails from soaps and detergents (use cotton gloves coated in rubber in domestic work gloves).

-Washing of hands make using cold water hot water.

-The nail cut preferably after bath.

-It is best to file nails carefully to cut them.

-Abuse of enamel (above all the quick-dry enamel) dries out the nail and becomes fragile.

-Polish Remover must be of good quality, the acetone often dries out the root of the a.

Implementing these recommendations you can care for and beautify your nails.

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