Bose Lifestyle 235 in the Test

Space-filling home-cinema of two instead of five speakers – that sounds for many film and music fans extremely tempting. With the new lifestyle 235 (3800 EUR), Bose impressively demonstrates how far you can get with a 2.1 System.

Not surprisingly, that enjoys the market segment of 2.1 plants growing in popularity: two speakers can be just much easier in the living room, as their five. Given such benefits taking it also mostly approvingly in purchase, that the sound result is not quite so convincingly spatially like at a real 5.1-Home-Cinema-System.

With the new lifestyle 235 Bose a 2.1 system now presents, that in its class in every respect wants to set standards. To meet this requirement, the pioneer of particularly user-friendly systems has come up with in fact a lot.

Call first the newly developed concept of the acoustics would be there: Although the Bose Lifestyle 235 after works outside and visible with only two satellites plus a subwoofer, but which gemstone’S mentioned Böxchen not more just as usual starting forward. Rather, they have a further, laterally arranged full range chassis that reflects a space information specially prepared from the source signal. Purely from a technical perspective is a 4.1 system in 2.1 packing lifestyle 235 so actually.

Concept: AV receiver 2.0

Sound and image for the home cinema is today more than ever by a variety of program sources. The selection to Bose customers, which is why the lifestyle 235 brings also A Blu-ray disc drive . There is however a FM/MW tuner, so Bose lifestyle 235 less a complete system, but rather represents an AV receiver with paged power amplifiers: are located in the extremely compact subwoofer module, which is connected via a multicore cable with the actual control panel. Wired iPod docking station is also included.

Construction: Plug and Play

Conventional components construction, installation, but also the daily use of a home cinema system can quickly become the ordeal – which discourages many potential people interested in buying such a. It has understood as barely a second manufacturer Bose and 235 also greatest attention devoted to these aspects of the lifestyle.

So there is a separate specially for the installation and set up, clearly structured guide which also lay the Bose ensemble assembled and ready face in less than 20 minutes to have. The highlight, however, is the following, referred to by Bose “Unify” interactive setup process during system setup: guided by clear instructions is this first “ADAPTIQ” baptised calibration procedure, where the lifestyle 235 automatically adapts itself to the acoustic environment.

Then unify helps when docking the external image and sound sources. It’s not only automatically detects which inputs on the central station are occupied, but identifies all devices involved based on their remote control codes. These are conveniently located right on the remote control the lifestyle 235 stored and automatically assigned the appropriate keys, so that a single commander to control the entire system from now on is sufficient.

After completing the interactive Setup, only such players, that are connected and activated can be found in the source menu. Of course, you can add new sources to the existing list. Also, you must not fear that the integration process on the Bose remote control important, individual commands fall under the table: the namely can be found in the ‘ more ‘ menu neatly after device categories sorted, where even PlayStation and XBox have their place. Practical: In addition to a front panel HDMI port – for example, for camcorder – the lifestyle 235 has also a USB interface, which allows slideshows with JPEG images as well as any system updates.

Fully in the picture

For a home cinema system, nothing without TV set by nature: therefore, because even the lifestyle 235 has the required for HD playback scaler on the 1080 p format right on board, where she can receive the TV sound via HDMI return channel also. The remote control of external components via HDMI interface is however not intended.

Space and sound

It’s amazing what correction capacity brings the automatic room acoustic compensation ADAPTIQ: self of a not too thick curtain somewhat covert satellite resound with her much more present and more alive. Nevertheless, the lifestyle plays 235 best at convenient speaker placement, say: with rather close to the wall on the sideboard or via (optional) wall brackets mounted satellite. Also, whose distance from the listening position should be not too different from fail.

But then comes joy: bass and fundamental means high-frequency range sound grasping and full-bodied, fresh, but not over present. The impression of space is impressive for a 2.1 System : Although the round to effect than the unspektakulärer something at 5.1 systems, however, the lifestyle 235 manages an amazing stage depth with unique acoustic Centre.


Who does to with delight in the extensive Setup menu of modern AV receivers to exploit the reserves for the finest sound piece meticulously might find rather boring the Bose lifestyle 235 with their automatic furnishing concept. However, who independently, quickly, easily and reliably want to come from the program source for optimum picture and sound results, it is par excellence the solution: connect – switch on – plays. And even in surprisingly high for a 2.1 System. 3800 euro can hardly invest more efficiently.


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