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The new rave style was one of the bets of the fashionistas in 2016, in the most joyful season of the year, lavishing color is stylish and a dash of irreverence. The term new rave is influenced by a musical style that was very successful in the 1980s and it became known as new wave. “Wave” turned into “rave” in mid-2006 when the group Klaxons revolutionized the concept of raves, they combined it with electronic music, dance music and rock, and made the mixture known as new rave. Of course, this creativity ended up expanding into the world of fashion and as well, the style also won a good fame.
So, now you know the new rave style, and if you want to catch up with it, just throw in flashy and fluorescent colors, or bright and psychedelic prints.

Step back in time with the psychedelic trend!

Look New Rave
The boldest thing of this trend is that it needs you to mix the color. Unlike the most other trends, the harmony is not necessary for this trend; on the contrary, the striking contrast between colors and prints has much more to do with the proposal of the new rave.
From this idea, the bold and unconventional accessories are perfect to complete your look, so you can widely use the necklaces, belts and shoes in bright and flashy colors.
Who is still a bit worried about the trend can first opt for a single piece which is combined with basic pieces. For example, you can match a blouse from PoliticseZine with psychedelic print jeans and sneaker.
If you have already enjoyed this style, you can also use more discretinha items, but bet on only accessories, such as earrings.

That’s right, the new rave is back in this summer. The tip is that if you want to apply this trend at the club, you should add references to style to create a unique and daring look.


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