BlackBerry Z10 on the Way to a Better Start Than Nokia Lumia 920

Dealers are showing great interest in BlackBerry’s new Z10 phone that is expected to be a nice start.

According to several analysts can expect a terrific start for their BlackBerry’s new smartphone Z10.¬†Perhaps even better start a Nokia Lumia 920, writes our site.

Bernstein’s analyst Pierre Ferragu tells that retailers are showing great enthusiasm for BlackBerry Z10: “We have grown more confident in the likely success of the BlackBerry 10 launch”.

The feedback from the distributors, from the first day sale is positive, says Ferragu.

Positive tones sounds also from Barclays Jeff Kvaal, who has investigated the UK market: “Our recent big checks suggest that initial sales of the BlackBerry Z10 are off to a solid, if not healthy start in the U.K.”

Jeff Kvaal goes so far as to say that the BlackBerry Z10 can get a better start a Nokia’s top model Lumia 920.

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