BlackBerry 10 Does Not Require Special Service Plan

Previously BlackBerry customers could only use the telcos who asked BlackBerry’s services available, but now can BlackBerry 10 customers choose freely.

All the while the launch of BlackBerry 10 goes his quiet time, so there has been a little uncertainty about whether the service and data plans the phones must be provided with, in order to achieve their full potential.

The short answer is that the new BlackBerry models do not need BlackBerry specific servers or services and data plans.
The new BlackBerry 10 models work so with a normal data subscription with any provider.

Previously BlackBerrys phones required several layers of BlackBerry Internet Service or BlackBerry Enterprise Server support in order to function optimally.

This is of course good news for BlackBerry owners who previously wanted the opportunity freely to choose provider, on an equal footing with other smartphone owners.

Conversely, it may also be beneficial to telecommunications providers, who do not have to make all sorts of antics to take BlackBerry devices in range.

The only exception is special agreements where the BlackBerry Internet Service acts as a filter.


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