BlackBerry 10 Can Not Transform Trucks for Toy Ducks

Experience with BlackBerry 10 can not be described in 30 seconds, that is why the company chose to focus on some of the things BlackBerry 10, after all, can’t help with.

BlackBerry has taken big spenders on and bought about 30 seconds at this year’s Super Bowl advertising that ran by the stack last night. There is very big competition to make the funniest and most attention-grabbing advertising during the Super Bowl, and it was exciting to see what BlackBerry had taken on.

In a press release telling BlackBerry that it could not be done to illustrate all the experiences and opportunities to get with BlackBerry 10, instead they decided to emerge from their humorous side, and show some of the things that cannot be done.

In the video, it can be seen that among other BlackBerry 10 can’t make trucks about to toy ducks or transform the user into a faverig smoke of cloud.

The goal should simply be to tell people that BlackBerry is back and definitely worth taking a closer look at. Did it work?


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