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During the Sunday evening sent SVT a party leader debate. Leaders of Sweden’s seven leading parties debated and questioned on the grounds that it is now one year left until the next parliamentary elections.

In the United States have the politicians ‘clothing has long been a science in itself and many are those who are looking for relationships between fashion choices and success. In Sweden, however, this approach seems to not quite taken hold, but we do our part and compare the debate male participants Lars Ohly (v), Goran Persson (s), Lars Leijonborg (fp), Goran Hägglund (kd) and Fredrik Reinfeldt (m) clothing. The debate was also attended by Maria Wetterstrand (mp) and Maud Olofsson (c).

Politicians sell their policies in the same way that the goods sold through its brand, an advertisement or a commercial. The difference is that in politics is the politician mark and advertisement. Many politicians have understood this a long time ago and dressed to match the values that the party wants to convey. Tonight’s debate was no exception.

Lars Ohly (v)
Lars Ohly, dressed in a striped shirt and light grey Blazer in modern cut with thin strokes gave a reassuring impression. Perhaps slightly dressed up for what he represents. Ohly is the only company that actually has the ability to move away from the traditional partiledarkostymen, but unfortunately does not exploit this opportunity. I would have liked to have seen a natural colored cardigan instead of the jacket and a slightly more subtle, solid color shirt

Göran Persson (s)
Country’s father P has probably carried the same colour scheme throughout its Prime Ministerial term. The classical dark suit and social democratic red tie is absolutely right in this respect, but at the same time represents a well comfortable solution. A prime minister in pinstripes and alternate the color of the shirt had given a much fresher look.

Lars Leijonborg (fp)
Lars Leijonborg can boast the jumboplacering debate. The greenish suit in combination with light blue shirt gives an unbalanced attire. There is nothing that catches the eye, other than skjortkragen who have too bushy freedoms. A nonsocialist party leaders should probably use the tie.

Goran Hägglund (kd)
H is still fresh in his role as party leader and should take the opportunity to put a personal stamp on their attire. The result is a plus size summer dress, however, nothing further. The jacket sits badly and slipsvalet, there is not much positive to say about. However, we have seen him in clearly fresher outfits such as University, so there is enough there.

Fredrik Reinfeldt (m)
Reinfeldt will be the style of the debate winner with the only outfit actually oozes some sort of ambition. The tie had made me skeptical of many other context, but in combination with the dark costume give the cover a nice contrast to the studio master.

A quick summary so style profits to Fredrik Reinfeldt. Th Goran Persson in their secure card, followed by Lars Ohly. The list ends with Goran Hägglund, who nevertheless made a valiant effort with the tie, and finally, Lars Leijonborg.

Update: It is worth noting that we do not add any own political values in the above statements.


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