Best Leather Iphone Wallet Case

For the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus there is truly a lot of cases, sleeves and bags. The first time seen, I was of the gray Mujjo Leather Wallet Case 80 Degree feel attracted.They promise a crafted from the finest leather Case.

A gray leather case for the iPhone 6 Plus, which would indeed be something special and not yet represented in this color in my collection. Moreover, even from pflanzengegerbtem leather and according to the manufacturer “by hand dyed with eco-friendly dyes.” I I ordered it.

If Amazon is Mujjo Leather Wallet Case 80 degree for about 50, – EUR to have (as of 07/2016). A high price will certainly have his permission. I thought.

Has difficulty to be given on the packaging. Externally classy and chic, it promises hochwertges in its interior. Unpacked and initial contact. The gray leather looks great and meets exactly my taste. Visually a great, very noble appearing Case. At first glance.

The iPhone is fives. The recesses of all operational and connection elements fit. The case feels basically good. The pocket on the back, however seems a bit thin. You get the feeling they would rip when you put into something. Made and thought it is for a maximum of a credit card.

The longer one is concerned with the case, the more obvious but is, unfortunately, not so great fabrication. The edges, for example, are not particularly well processes. Especially the transition from inner shell and the outer leather is not very well done and in various places already dissolved the bond (see photos). The leather is also something too fine and therefore extremely sensitive. Something too sensitive in my opinion.

Besides being unsightly scratches and nicks in the leather were already present at delivery, more nicks and abrasions are added incredibly fast, even if the case is handled with kid gloves.

So great that Mujjo Leather Wallet Case 80 Degree also looks high, it can not convince me unfortunately. The first case I have returned due to poor processing on the same day, a second ordered simultaneously. But in the second case there were unsightly workmanship. Again badly glued edges and this time defects at the seams on the back, jutting part or were simply poorly sewn.

A third time I wanted it no longer try. Too much there was to complain about and would foresee more defects after a regular use in everyday life. Given me the Cases is then too expensive. At a price of about 50, – EUR to expect more. Even if the color of the leather is really great is also this Case back due to poor processing.

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