Best Celebrity Bikinis

With the arrival of summer the famous advantage to enjoy the hot day and squander good shape and looks amazing in swimwear. Check out what are the favorite of celebrities bikini models and get inspired to rock you, too, whether at sea or in the pool

Is there anything hotter than spend the afternoon on the beach during these hot summer days? No, huh?! Celebrities like Eva Mendes, Gisele Bundchen and Isis Valverde are ordinary people and also do not lose the opportunity to get a run down to the beach to take a swim and earn a nice are keeping an eye on the look of the famous, and we find out which are the hottest models in bikinis in the warmer season of the year. Spy!

Darling of the famous, the monochrome bikinis, although Basic, help enhance the beauty of curves.

Modern and sexy bikinis leaked celebrity taste have fallen. Although beautiful, care must be taken in time to sunbathing, especially if you’re not a fan of the famous “Tan bikini”. It is ideal for a walk (and do the most successful) in the late afternoon.

More behaved, the frill bikinis are great for those who prefer the romantic line, like Katy Perry and Naomi Campbell.

Timeless, strapless bikinis are perfect for those who have large breasts. In addition to support, this model leaves the cervix more beautiful and is perfect for those who don’t like the Bikini brand appearing in low-cut clothes.

Geometric patterns
The geometric model was the highlight of 2015 and continues with all this year! Strong colors such as pink, yellow and green neon promise to highlight even more the natural Tan, in addition to further enhance the curves. This model is ideal for those with small breasts and slim-hipped.

The printed models can be used by any woman, at any age, but is among the younger than they are. Colorful prints draw attention and create a more fun.

Animal Print
Enter year, year out and the fever by animal print continues! Jaguar prints, snake and alligator to continue with everything and you can not only, as it should in your abuse 2016 Beach look!

Hot Pant
This bikini model requires careful and sooo sunscreen, after all, the mark of Sun this wider panties is not very pretty, huh? The model Hot Pant is beautiful, but should be used on a cloudy day, evening, or on boat trips, where sun exposure is lower.

And why not … swimsuits?
It’s not just bikinis that have drawn attention at the beach look among the celebrities. Many famous, mostly older women, prefer a model more behaved and invest in bathing suits to enjoy the warm summer evening. I think it’s so chic!

So, what’s your favorite?

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