AV Receiver Marantz SR 7005

The very well equipped Marantz SR 7005 (network, Internet radio, UPnP, Bluetooth option, iPod digital AirPlay) for 1700 euro can score sound particularly with its very fine, extremely stable stereo image.

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If one looks closer 7005 look at the Marantz SR – under the hood either black or silver – you can see the synergy effects in the home D & M: the PCB layout of the digital section is similar to that of the Denon AVR-3311 (AUDIO 10/10) not only it is more or less a copy. Which only proves basically that good parts – no matter in which receiver – are always sincerely welcome.

So has the Marantz as the 3311 (and also the precursor av7005 multichannel; AUDIO 1/2011) has six inputs for HDMI connections (including the practical front Jack) and two outputs that are not yet active. One understands the audio signals sent by the HDMI 1.4 compliant flat screen TV via ARC and derives it according to continue – so then the two shark DSP by analog devices can care.

Image technically come the likewise already proven the av7005 multichannel helpers by Anchor Bay (BT2015 for digital video) and analog devices takes to train, and to the network – just as in the Denon AVR-4311 – a BridgeCo processor.

During the measurement the Audyssey program is a number less than used – there must be sufficient the MultEQ XT without the 32 (for the bit computing power). That should be enough but also to explore the speakers docked to the up to 7 Amps correctly and to adapt to the prevailing room acoustics. Of course, the latest surround game type with two extra front speakers next to or above the canvas is supported.

In addition, Marantz continues next to network, direct iPod query using USB and AirPlay on an optional Bluetooth connection, but only in compressed standard quality, not in the much better sounding Version of apt-x.


With ordinary power reserve is able to trump up the Marantz: true sine wave power stereo 8/4 Ohms: 2 x 149/211W, RMS power surround 8/4 Ohms: 5 x 98 / 117 W 7 x 81/88W. Also in the SR 7005 the pre outs have ? a fairly high resistance of 1362, the Phonoteil shows very neat for an AV receiver. Power consumption in standby/operating: 0.3/82W.

Hearing test

The Marantz could shine especially in any discipline or with a certain slice. He tickled many subtleties of the arches of the strings, but held back with dynamic eruptions.

In the stereo, Marantz scored with a physically small, but very fine, extremely stable figure over the two reference boxes B & W.

Marantz SR 7005

Manufacturer Marantz
Price €1700.00
Rating 93.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Genus (REC / GM / input.) Receiver
Dimensions 44.0 x 18.7 x 40.8 cm
Weight 13.0 kg
Power amplifiers, number 7
Surround formats
Headphone surround
HDCD playback
Virtual surround
Decoder for HD formats Dolby TrueHD / DTS-HD Master
Colors Black, silver
Remote control System remote control
On-screen menu
Lip sync Lip sync / 0-200 ms manually or automatically. via HDMI
Equalizer manual Equalizer
Bands / channels 9 / 7
Video standards converter V < > 3 K > HDMI;
Scaling Analog to HDMI + HDMI to HDMI
Video adjustment Video adjustment / 6 adjustment points
Switched network jacks 0
Autom. Calibration only level / removal
AV connectors
Digital inputs RCA / front 2 / 0
Optical digital inputs / front 2 / 0
Digital inputs HDMI / front 5 / 1
HDMI version number 1.4A
Digital output HDMI 2
Digital RCA outputs 0
Optical digital outputs 1
USB ports front / rear 1 / 0
i-pod connection Digital
Network connection Networking /.
Ethernet back
Multi channel input 7.1
Outputs audio 0
Headphone Jack Headphone Jack
Preamp output 7.1
Laboratory data
True sine wave power stereo 8 ohm / 4 ohm 149,0 W / 211,0 W
Music power stereo 8 ohm / 4 ohm 166,0 W / 234.0 W
RMS power 5-channel 8 ohm / 4 ohm 98.0 W / 117,0 W
Music performance 5-Channel 4 ohm / 8 ohm 132,0 W / 112.0 W
RMS power 5-Channel 4 ohm 117,0 W
Music performance 7-Channel 4 ohm / 8 ohm 96.0 W / 93.0 W
HiFi output power 4 ohm
effective pulse power front 4 ohm
effective pulse power 4 ohm Center / surround 4 Ohms
maximum output voltage Z1 / Z2
maximum output voltage Z3
Number of appropriate channels
Surround RMS power 8 ohm / 4 ohm 81 W / 88 W
Surround RMS power 8 ohm / 4 ohm stp 93 W / 96 W
Noise line / multi channel input 95.0 dB /.
Noise phono MM / phono standard system 81.0 dB / 78.0 dB
Noise phono MC
Digital noise 94,0 dB
Front noise ProLogic
Noise ProLogic Center
Power consumption standby / operating 0.3 W / 82 W
Elegant musician with great attention to detail and fantastic facilities.
A little tentative in surround
Sound stereo 88
Surround sound 88
Sound HD 102
Operation Very good
Facilities outstanding
Processing Very good
Price / performance Very good
Sound judgment outstanding 93
tested in issue: 2 / 11


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