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We had already unveiled the first TIM rates related to ASUS Padfone and now comes the joint press release between ASUS and Telecom Italy announcing general availability starting today.

The product will be sold bundled with the keyboard (so the full package of phone, tablet and keyboard) with subscription packages and also offering amortization schedule that allows you to get it to 15 euros a month for 30 months (€ 450, would avoid the calculation), ben 300 € minus the real price of launch (hence we deduce that you want to buy it in cash you’ll have to shell out well € 750). The offer is however bound for accession with a data plan or voice.Following the press release.

Asus and Telecom Italy announced

marketing in Italy of the PadFone

The PadFone of ASUS available tomorrow preview TIM shop

Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI), June 26, 2012–ASUS, worldwide leader in the new age of digital technology, and Telecom Italy announced the launch of marketing in Italy of the new ASUS PadFone, which goes on sale tomorrow premiered at all outlets TIM present on the national territory.

ASUS PadFone is a smartphone-based operating system Android Ice Cream Sandwich, equipped with a 4.3 inch multi-touch display and able to transform into a tablet or laptop with accessories PadFone Station and PadFone Station Dock. PadFone makes it possible to switch the screen more compact than the phone to that broader PadFone Station, adapting almost instantaneously and seamlessly running applications on the size most comfortable tablet display by exploiting the greater viewing area to enrich the content and structure of the information displayed on the screen.

This new product meets the users ‘demands with regard both to change their behaviors is the increasing demand for mobile applications and services, which is leading the telecommunications industry to investigate new business models and device manufacturers to bring to market devices always connected and with increasing storage and processing capabilities. Considered both as aggregators of services both as operating systems capable of enabling a variety of applications, which are also the drivers, smartphones are showing interesting volumes of growth * and therefore constitute a strategic market for ASUS, who decided to desktop with a specific product.

“The goals are ambitious because it is a battle played out between applications, content, gaming and new media, but the ASUS PadFone differs from other devices as hybrid, positioning itself as the product itself and can provide attractive economies of scale, which result from the availability of a highly flexible platform capable of being a phone, tablet and notebook” said Paolo Saeed Telco & Commercial Business Manager of ASUSTeK Italy. “This flexibility ensures costs particularly accessible for anyone who uses the service is for those who deliver, and that is why we are sure you will be a hit in market. We are pleased that Telecom Italy has joined us for the marketing of a product so technologically innovative that we believe to be able to influence the evolution of the IT industry and the telecommunications industry by giving a new impetus to the concept of convergence.”

Italy Telecom is a leading provider for smartphones and tablets–says Fabrizio Gorietti, head of Marketing in Telecom Italy Mobile Consumer – and is always attentive service and technological innovation. We are proud to offer you a preview of our clients with an innovative product like the Asus PadFone which allows access to broadband services both as a smartphone is like tablets and notebooks “.

“The PadFone is not directed solely to consumer device too, since SMEs perceive the importance of innovation in IT infrastructure as an enabler of growth and are looking for reliable partners can support change with secure and reliable systems. We are so confident that its spread will be also reflected in fact typical of Italian fabric such as small businesses or freelancers, “concluded Paul Saeed of Asustek Italy.

Details of the offer

ASUS PadFone will be sold starting from 26 June preview at the TIM shop 16 GB version and complete with keyboard, offered with partial payments of 30 months with two price levels and in combination with credit card offers all inclusive domiciliation 250-500-1000-1500 and All smartphones.

In combination with everything including 250 and one of two internet offers Full or Full Maxi or any Smartphone ASUS PadFone will be sold at 25 euros per month for 30 months.

250 INCLUSIVE: monthly subscription € 19 (€ 9 x 12 months in case of MNP) and includes 250 minutes to all

All Smartphone: monthly fee 10 €, including 1 GB of internet browsing and a fee of 9 euro cents for voice and SMS. 

Alternatively, ASUS PadFone will be sold at 15 € per month for 30 months (299 € cheaper than the market price) in combination with one of the all inclusive offers 500-1000-1500 and one of two internet offers Full or Full Maxi.

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