Apple VS. Samsung Definitely-See Decision Here

Second trial between techgiganterne Apple and Samsung have demonstrated that none of those involved have clean flour in the bag.

At the end of March techgiganterne Apple and Samsung met again in u.s. courtrooms for a second phase of mud wrestling about violation of patent rights. In the article Apple vs. Samsung-here is what they fight for in this game, gave a brief overview of these patents, and now there are decreased judgment in the case.

Of the five mentioned Apple patents, so it is only 2 of them, such as Samsung, according to jury violates. It is the so-called “data tapping” and “slide two unlock” patent, which Samsung has used proven from Apple’s devices. Samsung is therefore sentenced to pay Apple button 120 million u.s. dollars, which is equivalent to approximately 646 million kroner It write Recode.

The amount is not near the $ 2 billion dollars, as Apple had demanded, but they are apparently still satisfied with the decision.

“We are grateful to the jury and the Court Service,” told Apple to Re/code. “Today’s decision reinforces what courts around the world have already figured out: that Samsung knowingly stole our ideas and copied our products. We are fighting to defend the hard work that goes into the beloved products like the iPhone, which our employees devote their lives to design and deliver to our customers. “

Completely innocent is Tim Cook & co., however, is not. Apple is also slated to pay Samsung a sum of $ 158.400 for violation of a Samsung patent in the case. The amount is more modest, since Apple has not violated the patent, according to the jury intentionally.

Finally, Apple has made the judge Judge Koh aware that there is still a lack of judgment against one of the Samsung devices that are in evidence. Therefore, the jury will return on Monday with a decision then, and of course the development follows the mobile site.

Although Apple and Samsung lost market share in the first quarter of the year, and that Apple once again gets the largest share of the cake in the patent dispute, so reigns Samsung still on the throne over sold smartphone devices with whole 31.2% of the market.


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