Apple iWatch Fire Unpopular with Swiss Watch-Producer

The Swiss watch manufacturer Swatch is ready to go to court, if Apple launches a smart Watch called iWatch.

There has long been ongoing rumors that an iWatch ur from Apple is on its way, and the latest gossip has also alluded to the fact that Nike is using as a collaborator. has also told that Apple iWatch ready for autumn, as well as Apple iWatch in two editions.

If that happens, then the Swiss watch manufacturer Swatch ready to protect the registered trademark iSwatch, which according to the manufacturer puts the close up of the suspected and emerging smart-watch from Apple. It writes iDownload Blog.

“We believe that there is a high likelihood of confusion between the two products,” says Serena Chiesura, Director of communications at the Swatch Group.

The same company also has no high opinion of smart agency as a “wearable” (portable gadget) to conquer the market by storm. It has opinions from Swatch CEO Nick Hayek as proven. He said earlier that “a SmartWatch need software and this software must be constantly updated. Each year, you are forced to buy a new smartphone, because the new software requires new hardware. It will be the same problem with smartwatches. In addition, consumers would not want to charge their watches, and no charging cable will be available in a while “.

It works for the boss by worrying a little about the development of the market, and time will tell whether Apple encounters resistance if a iWatch ur ever looking surface. iSwatch agency can in view from the clock-manufacturer’s website here, and it looks like, however, is not something that is “designed by Apple in California”.


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