Apple EarPods with Blood Pressure Sensor

A post on the app Secret has led to speculation about a big update of Apple’s headphones.

At the Secret can be completely anonymous post just what you feel like, why must things away be taken with a grain of salt, but a new lookup has caused a stir in the mobile world. Apple will provide blood pressure monitor and pulse meter in their upcoming EarPods.

It is apparently a newly laid off employee of Apple, which has disabled the message about new EarPods up, and even if there is no option to verify the information, they are still worth noticing in.

Several people from Silicon Valley and tech environment, namely on the Secret, and posts on Secret has previously revealed that Nike would shut down for their Fuelband, and that the head of Google + searched for a new job. Nike stopped Fuelband, Google + the boss left his post two days after.

On the spread at the Secret tells the anonymous source also States that the new EarPods will have iBeacons, so they don’t get lost, and that they want to use Apple’s lightning port, which is why the jack-socket has been moved to the bottom.

In comments about the spread is reported also that the new EarPods will be launched in connection with iOS 8, and it sounds also in one way or another, to play alongside iWatch, which is not the final name.

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