Apple and Samsung Lost Market Share in the First Quarter of the Year

Apple and Samsung are sitting on almost half of the global smartphone market together, but their lead is dwindling.

Strategy Analytics has released their latest figures for smartphone development in this year’s first quarter. Here it can be seen that the undisputed Giants Samsung and Apple still sits firmly planted on top, but with a slightly smaller margin compared with the first quarter last year.

Apple has really good fat in the high-end market, but still slowly losing market share due to fast-growing markets that hungers for cheap smartphones – such as Latin America. Apple has today 15.3% of the global smartphone market, a decrease of 2.2% compared with last year.

Different is it to Samsung also losing market share in the smartphone category, a phenomenon that has not been observed since the fourth quarter of 2009 tells Strategy Analytics. 89 million in the first quarter sold Samsung Galaxy devices, making them the market leader with the entire 31.2% of smartphone market, a decrease of 1.2%.

The Chinese are pushing

There is increasing pressure from Chinese producers as Huawei who retain their 4.7% of the market, and Lenovo that have taken an extra bite on 0.8% and today also have 4.7% of the global smartphone market.

Huawei is expanding rapidly in Europe and Lenovo continues to grow outside of China, especially in Russia. If Lenovo’s acquisition of Motorola will be accepted by various Governments in the coming months, it will also create an even larger force as Samsung and Apple must fight against this year.

Another interesting aspect is that the global smartphone market has grown with the entire 33 percent since the same period last year, the market will therefore continue to be bigger, but more competitive.


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