Apple and Google Compete for Exclusive Game Titles

Techgiganterne behind the iOS and Android are ready to give developers the promotional benefits of app stores from exclusivity.

In the mobile page’s previous article Therefore is first with the new iPhone and iPad apps, explained developer Sebastian Warnez reason to apps for Apple’s iOS devices find their way first. He pointed out that there was greater earning potential in Apple’s App Store, as well as to shipping thought the ring is not as big a problem as on the competing Android platform.

Although Google will make an end to old Android versions, so we are not around to the Android system is installed on many more devices globally, which also increase the interest for the developers to priotere Android.

Now it is reported that both Apple and Google offers developers the promotional advantages in their respective app stores, if so developers ensures that the title be kept exclusive available over a period of time. It writes The Wall Street Journal via MacRumors.

When we wrote that iOS gets exclusive debut of Cut the rope’s successor was reportedly talking about one of these exclusive agreements. Android users got first access at the end of March to Cut The Rope 2.

Both Google and Apple have refused comment on the case. It is apparently no money involved in the agreement of exclusivity, but only advantages in advertising in the App Store and Google Play.


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