Amazon’s Servers Have Been Used in Attacks Against Sony, Newspaper Says

Servers Amazon used in providing outsourced cloud computing services have been used in attacks against Sony and its PSN earlier this month, reports the news network Bloomberg.

Amazon Web Services LogoDe according to an anonymous source, the bandits used false data to rent Amazon EC2 servers and use them to attack the network games of the Japanese company, which mostly is still fallen and no date to return to the air. By the time the investigation into the case is going on in a “secret”, but Sony says that the attacks he suffered were “very professional, highly sophisticated and carefully planned.”

The account used to trigger the attacks has been suspended by Amazon, which did not comment on the case. Already Sony says it will “continue working with the authorities about the situation,” but declined to touch the subject.

Used by companies like NetFlix, the Amazon EC2 servers generated US $ 500 million (R $ 816) to its parent company in 2010, or only 1.5% of all giant gains of sales on the web, which earned $ 34 2 billion (R $ 54 billion) last year.

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