Active Speaker Adam ARTist 3

The Adam ARTist 3 (650 euro / pair) accepts however digital as well as analog signals and sounds for their size huge and real audiophile.

HiFi-Studio divide has never accepted Klaus Heinz, thinkers from Adam audio. And his customers also, because Adam is not successful in both areas.

This duality is also the brand new ARTist series, externally with its very appealing high-gloss coating clearly targeted at designer desks and proximity to an iMac. For the XLR socket has the small ARTist 3 in turn as Studio-grade, but delivery by RCA also accepted them.

It attached particular importance to the connections: so two boxes by “stereo-link” cable you can connect and control with only a volume control. This applies also when an optional iPod front docks via mini-jack or if a computer provides lossless data via USB.

Also which is technically a typical Adam ARTist 3: an air motion transformer is used on the X type principle in addition to waveguide of height resolution, a 4.5 inch measuring cone with high-strength carbon diaphragm takes over bass and midrange. Both are driven by separate amplifiers and an active crossover, to not to interfere. In the bass, a reflex slot, which ends at the back works in addition – a wall installation so prohibitive.


ARTist 3 convinced already free-standing on a large desk the most: in Brahms’ piano trio (Storioni trio) she was extremely subtle string sounds and a surprisingly voluminous playing of the piano, however too much thickened at placement on the wall. A truly audiophile resolution combined the Adam ARTist 3 sent with effortless looseness – with this box you can listen for hours.

In terms of room she passed close to the focal CMS 40, which kept better track but at higher levels. But the most the ARTist already quietly convinced 3: even whispering it retained naturalness and transparency, and their reserves are more than adequate for desk use.


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