Acer Liquid Leap, the First Smartwatch from Acer (Video)

View Acer ‘ bid for a combined smartwatch/fitness tracker called Liquid Leap. Expected to be launched this summer.

A few days ago paid out by Acer an event in New York where they, among other things, showed off their first smartwatch/fitness tracker which, in addition to let you view your notifications, also should help you keep in shape in the same style as Samsung Gear Fit.

Liquid Leap will be able to pair it with many Android devices loves that, but Acer expects to initially sell the clock in a package with their new mid-range phone Liquid (J) which were also presented at the event, but expects to sell the Agency as a stand-alone unit in the long term.

Much more was not unveiled, neither specifications or price, but there was, however, a weak request for a possible launch in June at a price that is “competitive”. Phone and clock can be seen featured in the videos below.

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