A Brief Look at Moto 360 (Video)

View Motorola’s upcoming smartwatch on the arm of the man behind the design of the clock as well as success-the phone Moto X.

As part of a look behind the façade of Motorola’s new headquarters in Chicago where they started over 80 years ago, the folks at The Verge had a little talk with Jim Wicks, Motorola’s vice President for design and the man behind products like Motorola X and the forthcoming smartwatch Moto 360.

In the course of the interview, we get a brief look at Moto 360 sitting on Wicks’ wrists, however, mainly with off screen unfortunately. The clock is a prototype with a small “M” on the Agency’s edge which probably won’t be there on the final version.

The clock kept turned off during the interview, probably to avoid prying eyes on an early version of Android Wear software versions. In this context, one can only hope that there is an option which makes the clock is always lit-a setting which Wick is not used.In any case it would not be particularly optimally to launch a watch which users physically interact with just to display the time.

Moto 360 is expected to be put up for sale during the summer, probably together with the rygtede Moto X + 1.

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