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Style Pointers: Watches Give a Hump to Kitchens

An eye on tic tac of pointers, for a minute, you can forget how the clocks give charm to the kitchen. At first glance, who’s in front of the stove is concerned with the use of the object to mark the … Continue reading

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How about learning to cook four wall clocks with materials you have at home? Vinyl, frames, bicycle wheel and paper plates can transform into unique pieces. The watches are indispensable to the home, because, in addition to functional, are also a very … Continue reading

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Hot As Any Smartwatch: 5 High-Tech Watches

Many people can find anything Smartwatches in. CHIP shows the five high-tech watches, which are characterized by clever extras.

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Decorative Handmade Kitchen Watches Not to Waste Time

When we want a different decoration, handcrafted kitchen clocks can contribute a lot to the new look of the environment, and since this item is very important not to let the housewife lose time to prepare meals, nothing like searching … Continue reading

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Natostraps: From Functional Bracelet to Trend

In addition to numerous functions, these typical military armours often have a Natoband instead of a leather or stainless steel bracelet because it is particularly hard-wearing and robust and also particularly cost-effective. For a long time these materials were actually reserved … Continue reading

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Wearables: about Watches and Smart Bracelets

You’ve probably heard about Google glasses, Apple Watch, but don’t know exactly what their function is, and considers them a little useless, distant from you. Well, my dear, it’s time to change that because so-called wearable technology is the big … Continue reading

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Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date just Lady

The stainless steel versions of the Rolex Date just look timeless and sporty. If a watch can be called timeless and also has a high recognition value, then the Rolex Date just with 36 millimeter housing. Already in 1945 it came on the … Continue reading

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How to Match Your Watch with Your Outfit

Pilot watch to smoking? Military clock to the hoodie? What fits what? As I have said so many times before, this is the style of what to do with their outfit, not what it costs or what it is for. Anything that doesn’t … Continue reading

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