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Review-Tent Lightwave T0 Trek

For Those Of You Who Don’t Know, The Lightwave Was Founded In 2002 By Carol Mcdermott, New Zealand Climber Living In France And Britain. Its Main Purpose In The Creation Of The Brand, Was To Provide A Technological Equipment, High Quality Andwith A Functional Approach To Mountaineering And Trekking Enthusiasts, Without Leaving Aside The Cost-Benefit Ratio. Among The Range Of Products Of Lightwave, I

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Preventing Surprises -the Top 10 Criteria for Camping Selection

Camping travel has been a favorite for many years. Due to the proximity of nature and freedom during the design of the holiday, a feeling of adventure always comes up on the green meadow. However, you should never headlessly plunge into such a … Continue reading

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The Siege Hunting Tents with Fly

Como mentioned it there are different forms of fishing equipment to fly tents, however it stands out for the fun and effective fishing fish seen (direct visual contact with the fish) and to get to this situation is necessary to … Continue reading

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Tips for Camping

Camping is always a great experience-the contact with nature, the adventures, the friends you make along the journey. But when not well planned, there may be some perrengues. And to prevent this from happening, especially with the holiday coming up, we’ve listed … Continue reading

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Hilleberg Akto Outer Tent Weight

It is just to say-some of the best tents for demanding outdoor use available on the market made from Hillberg. Hilleberg tents have today a solid user confidence that the result of an uncompromising commitment to quality in everything from product … Continue reading

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What Makes a Good Camping Tent

What makes a good tent? Choosing a tent is important to have in mind the following parameters: Number of seats Obredelya how many people can sleep in the tent. It is better if the tent allows +1 persona. This place … Continue reading

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