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Your Smartwatch Is Able To Know What You Type

A project called Motion Leaks ( MoLe ) has allowed us to see how the motion sensors of today’s smarwatches can be used to accurately detect what we are typing on our computer.

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Only the Highest Price and Size iPhone Will Wear Sapphire

The date is approaching, and as usual the rumors of the new iPhone and possible iWatch intensify, being now the same The Wall Street Journal who dares to say that Apple will use sapphire in its next devices.

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Apple Leads in the Market for Smart Watches

Apple is not just in the smartphone, tablet and computer market.It has been some time that the company began to adapt to provide the needs of the market, so a few months ago released its version in the music streaming … Continue reading

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5 Movies Sets That You Need to Watch

Monday, October 20, 2014 Hi loves! All right? Today is Monday, amazing post on the blog. Well, to start the week with right foot, brought here a selection of movies that every person in love with fashion need to watch. Prepare popcorn … Continue reading

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Best Bluetooth Smartwatch

The wearables they have installed inside Android Wear definitely have an edge. In this list we collected only the best for you to choose the right design The smartwatch with Android Wear recognize quickly, the clock interface is very reminiscent of the Android operating system for smartphones and tablets … Continue reading

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