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Enamels Pupa: Winter of Magnetic or of Glitter?

The watchwords of Pupa nail are the magnetic, the glitter, the bubble and the degadè kit with top coat. Here is the all new 2012-2013 for a Pupa for winter nail art really vibrant. For the upcoming 2013, Doll has launched in perfumery … Continue reading

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Craft Fun with Bending Rings

Jump rings and eyelets are quite handy. You need one at the Pearl Jewelry do all the time. Jump rings are available in different sizes. You most jump rings are “open”, so that you can connect anything. There are also closed rings. They are excellent for closures. Alternatively, … Continue reading

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Pearl Necklaces with Ribbon

Women who are looking for alternatives to innovate the style should bet on the necklaces of pearls with ribbons. This accessory is already gaining space in the storefronts of shops and allowing the most different combinations for the mounting of … Continue reading

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