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Eyeliner XXL – Revival of the 1960s

The trends of past decades are back in the coming and also during makeup is retro in: Like the eyeliner XXL, which is typical for an eye makeup in the look of the 1960s. Quite clear: in the 1960s the … Continue reading

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10 Style Resolutions to Comply

This year, instead of the traditional commandments of beauty, I leave here-style resolutions, to fulfill this new year! If you want, print the post and paste the leaf into the inside of the closet door. So there’s no excuses or … Continue reading

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How to Apply Eyeliner

“Dreams are wishes of happiness”…. a phrase that I carry around as a child, and it is true because what we dream of doing, unreachable or not it is something that definitely goes to reanimate positive feelings!

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