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The Choice of the Right Watch

A watch on your wrist can provide a more stylish appearance and complete your outfit.In order to always be able to use the right watch for every occasion, it is recommended to create a small watch collection.Whether for everyday life, … Continue reading

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Style Pointers: Watches Give a Hump to Kitchens

An eye on tic tac of pointers, for a minute, you can forget how the clocks give charm to the kitchen. At first glance, who’s in front of the stove is concerned with the use of the object to mark the … Continue reading

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The Design Wall Clock -a Forgotten Jewel

It seems that the wall clock was a little forgotten until not long ago, but today it makes a great comeback. And this time this interesting object serves not only to tell us the time – the design wall clock is also … Continue reading

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Decorative Handmade Kitchen Watches Not to Waste Time

When we want a different decoration, handcrafted kitchen clocks can contribute a lot to the new look of the environment, and since this item is very important not to let the housewife lose time to prepare meals, nothing like searching … Continue reading

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GlashÜTte Birthplace of Clock Craft

Hardly another name synonymous with so much tradition and quality: come from Glashütt, a small town in the Saxon Switzerland, exclusive watches and chronographs. Even the venerable jewelry firm Wempe can produce in the birthplace of the watch industry.

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Interior Decorating Ideas for Apartments

Old pallets, discarded machines, bare pipes, fancy lights and a lot of metal with traces that tell their own stories. What sounds here for the remains of an old abandoned factory of nowhere, really are the ingredients for one of the … Continue reading

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