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Who Is the Swimsuit or Bikini?

Every year the same lyre. The count down to the perfect bikini figure runs again. This does not depend on the weight as such, but rather on the fact that one takes his figure and his proportions according to the correct bikini … Continue reading

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Beachwear, Your Outfit for the Beach

The word “beachwear” comes from “beach”, the beach, and “wear” clothes:it can designate the swimsuit or beachwear. To protect yourself from the sun or to walk near the sea, choose your lightest, most convenient and comfortable clothing and accessories.

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Summer Swimwear Collection-Rose Tattoo

The summer is coming, it’s time to pick the Bikini, beach items, bag and hat, and go to the Sun. The brand, rose tattoo, which we talked about in another post, is with a new collection, especially for the summer.

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Bikinis for Chicks

One segment that is growing every day more is the plus size segment.  An audience that comes more and more accepting its body instead of adapting itself to the dictatorship of the fashion and is inserting itself in environments that … Continue reading

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Bachelorette Party Fun Games Ideas

You are planning a bachelorette party for your friend? Here are some game to entertain the bride during the evening. The marriage approaches, it is becoming increasingly imminent, and single hours are numbered: soon you’ll be a married woman, a lady, but tradition … Continue reading

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How to Make Your Swimwear Last Longer

You choose it from the rest because of its distinguished pattern and other characteristics that do not have others, but now, look at it, off, lifeless and hopeless to accompany you in your daily swim.

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Fashion Tips and Looks for Fatties

Everyone knows that the current fashion pattern favors the skinny women, but it wasn’t always like this. During the Renaissance in the 15th century, the plump, thick thighs and rounded shapes were the ideal of beauty. We can check this … Continue reading

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Where to Buy Online Cheap Bikinis

Thursday, June 25, 2015 he summer has come; and with it, a lot of beach, Sun and sea. Time to choose your favorite bikinis models to enjoy the sunny days! If you are indecisive? Then came to the right place!

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8 Common Mistakes We Often Commit with Our Underwear

Underwear is more important than we think, since it is considered a second skin. The problem is that on some occasions we get carried away by different fashions and we end up making mistakes that affect our well-being.

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Best Celebrity Bikinis

With the arrival of summer the famous advantage to enjoy the hot day and squander good shape and looks amazing in swimwear. Check out what are the favorite of celebrities bikini models and get inspired to rock you, too, whether … Continue reading

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