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New iPhone Cover Reuses Wasted Power to Recharge Smartphone

You may not know it, but your smartphone spends most of its battery life looking for a cell phone signal. Try leaving it in airplane mode to see how long you’ll be able to let it out of the way. Much of the energy … Continue reading

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What about My Cell Phone?

Thanks to the roaming service provided by the main operators of mobile phone services, today users can continue to enjoy the services provided by our terminals when we travel outside the geographical area in which we contract such services, ie when We … Continue reading

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The 7 Best Mobile Browser for Smartphones and Tablets

The preinstalled Web browser the most popular smartphones and tablets is certainly not a bad choice when it comes to Mobile surfing on the Internet and retrieve information.

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Nubia Z9: Android Smartphone With Almost Rimless Display

The Nubia Z9 by ZTE with good facilities, extremely narrow display frame and new control gestures is striking-will be available but probably only in Asia and the United States.

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