Falk S450

The $199-expensive S-class by Falk relies on proven technology and optics, there is a tour guide and two years free map updates.

  1. Falk S450
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

Who registered 30 days after the purchase of the S450 with Falk, receives four free map updates – an imputed period of two years. Other highlights are free premium TMC for three months and the city active function to call, allows the pedestrian navigation in the city even taking public transportation. Continue reading

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Samsung Explains Why There Is No Radio FM in The S4 Galaxy

Despite being riddled with technical developments both in the hardware and software, the Samsung Galaxy S4 lacks one of the features most valued by mobile users: the integration of FM radio.

The reason for that absence has been explained by Samsung in a statement to Russian media Hi-Tech.Mail.ru, which has revealed it has not integrated the FM radio chip to save space and to defend the fact that increasingly more users have gone to other methods to enjoy the music. Continue reading

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Stand Box Isophon Tofana Diamond

The two-piece Tofana diamond (44000 EUR the pair) is the most expensive transducer in the long history of the Isophon – and undoubtedly the best box “Made in Germany”.

  1. Stand box Isophon Tofana diamond
  2. Data sheet

Actually, Isophon Chief Roland Gauder is a man for all things. But when his new Tofana he simply no longer came around to a Division. “The development we so much tried”, groans of PhD physicists from the Swabian Racing, “but the bass and middle/high case requirements are just too different, that we could accommodate them in a housing. “In the midrange, it must be relatively easy, but very stiff, heavy in the bass and Sounding.” Amazingly, because so far all Isophon boxes were one piece, and they sound so certainly not bad. On the other hand, also B & W with the Marlan towers of the Nautilus series follows to this approach. And Roland Gauder attempted bombing of times of the so far reached the limits. Continue reading

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Sony Could Release The Xperia Z Google Edition

Samsung and HTC are currently the only manufacturers that have reached an agreement with Google that is sold through Google Play in United States their ships insignia with “experience Nexus”, Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition and HTC One Google Edition, but it seems that another manufacturer will soon join.

According to Android.GS, a source who works at Sony and who wants to stay anonymous reported you that Sony and Google are working together to put on sale the Xperia Z Google Edition from the month of July. Continue reading

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Becker Active 43

The 179 euro are well spent at the Becker Active 43 traffic thanks to clean manufactured hardware and precise function.

  1. Becker active 43
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

The Becker Active costs 179 euros 43 traffic that visually makes a lot here with its chic metal frame.

The functionality, Becker remains true to its roots after the inclusion in United navigation. It, because who has once accustomed to the Red “back” button will not miss these. Especially while driving, a haptic button is better to achieve the a button somewhere on the touch screen. Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Is Updated: Move Applications to The SD Card, Video Recording HDR and More Improvements

Samsung has started to update the Samsung Galaxy S4 to solve some bugs and add new features. Update time has begun to reach the model GT-I9505 (Snapdragon processor) in Germany, but during the next few days will be available in more countries and for model GT-I9500 (Exynos processor). Continue reading

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13 Cordless Phones of All Classes

So you must not blind access DECT shopping on the shelf: 13 cordless phones in the laboratory test.

  1. 13 cordless phones of all classes
  2. So connect CAT-iq tests
  3. The test candidates
  4. 13 cordless phones: Conclusion

Several weeks ago in a major electronics chain: A couple is underway with the cordless phones of the middle class to the 50 euros. There she tells startled him: “They are but expensive.” Continue reading

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HTC Mini One Appears in an Alleged Leaked Images

The mini versions are in fashion. Samsung already has its mini version of the S4 Galaxy, but HTC has not yet has decided to introduce his HTC one, also we are waiting for. Have today released some images of what could be this smartphone in its variant in black.

And is that the Estonian site Forte has published a total of up to 13 photographs of the ‘HTC mini One’ this so-called phone that HTC is preparing in which can be seen in great detail. Continue reading

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Tom Evans the Groove Anniversary Phono Preamplifier

To the 20-year anniversary, Tom Evans presents the analog fans with the Groove anniversary (around 2700 euro) – an outstanding sound and customizable MC phono stage.

  1. Tom Evans the Groove anniversary phono preamplifier
  2. The crux of adjustment
  3. Data sheet

A manufacturer is certainly not ill-advised, when he revised the product to the anniversary, with which he achieved his cult status. Tom Evans is celebrating the 20th anniversary of his company with a new version of the phono stage “The Groove”. As a small “gift to the community” the new “the Groove anniversary” 2690 EUR costs 400 euros in this country less than the iconic predecessor. Continue reading

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A List of Terminals of HTC That Van Is Filtered to Receive 4.3 Android

Curious is the information that manage the companies, because they dare to confirm the existence of Android 4.3 no official confirmation yet, although we have a time finding evidence of this version for a while. It is now HTC who confirms that it will upgrade their terminals to unannounced, it does not but give more voice to an open secret. Continue reading

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Pickup Benz Micro Wood S L

The classic construction features the Benz Wood S L (1200 euros) with gold-plated front and rear Poland and the powerful neodymium magnets.

  1. Pickup Benz micro wood S L
  2. Data sheet

No big secret in this country is that it builds in Schaffhausen in Switzerland with devotion sound boxes. Finally Albert Lukaschek did, after he took over Benz Micro in 1994 of the company’s founder Ernst Benz, the name along peaceful but determined development to one of the leading brands for pickup. Continue reading

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Oppo Find 5 Is Now Officially Available Throughout Europe

It was the usual tonic a few months ago, terminals of great receipt with spectacular prices arising in China, but that they did not see the light out of the Asian country. Among these admired brands in international markets was Oppo, which to date had not dared to distribute its products outside of China has changed something that today itself. Continue reading

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Pickup Kuzma KC 2

In contrast to the KC 1, Kuzma KC 2 (1350 euro) has a diameter of 0.3 mm thin Borrichchen as a cantilever. Also the diamond needle is another in Cluster 2.

  1. Pickup Kuzma KC 2
  2. Data sheet

If a manufacturer has a conservative model policy, this can cause it is quiet around him: no new devices attract the attention. However, don’t want to Kuzma change this at its core segment. Right one is convinced of the quality of the existing turntable models. For this, Kuzma brings with the new tone customer family KC in the conversation. And very successfully, as you can see this in the stereoplay highlight KC 1 (11/08). Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy Mini S4 Is Seen at Samsung Apps

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4, all hoped that the Koreans repeated last year strategy: take advantage of pull which has its flagship to launch a terminal range but average in mini format. It seems that Samsung Galaxy SIII will finally have a successor.

Thanks to a leak of Samsung Apps, we can see that a little how will be the little brother of the Samsung Galaxy S4. At the moment, this is We know with certainty so we are going to do a review of the speculations around this model. Continue reading

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Cartridge Ortofon Cadenza Blue

The most obvious difference from the Ortofon cadenza blue (1300 Euro) to the more expensive brother is that the cantilever this Ruby.

  1. Cartridge Ortofon cadenza blue
  2. Data sheet

The blue for 1300 Euro, the similarities end with the lower blue in the generator mode, the housing made of stainless steel and aluminum, as well as the spool material made of silver. The most obvious difference is that the cantilever at the more expensive brother consists of Ruby. Continue reading

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HTC Also Publishes Its Figures Sales, 5 Million HTC One in The Market

We have already seen that Samsung presumed figures this morning with his Galaxy S4, but it was not the only firm that has presented new features, because HTC has just teach your Desire 600 taking advantage of to remove breast after the latest rumors of problems and defections among its ranks. Continue reading

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Pickup Lyra Delos

The positioning of the coil in the magnetic field is new to the Lyra Delos (1100 EUR), if the needle on the record and the force acts.

  1. Pickup Lyra Delos
  2. Data sheet

For years, Lyra by creative developer head Jonathan Carr belongs to the innovative brands, which further drove the analogue playback quality. That also the values represented by good craftsmanship, is secured by Yoshinori Mishima. Because as a pickup manufacturer, he has over 30 years experience. The new Delos in Division of labour with Akiko Ishiyama is built because of the price of 1100 euros. This procedure had established itself since the Dorian (test in 4/06). Simpler steps are made by this young Japanese, while the old master assumes the installation steps that require special sensitivity, as well as the vote of hearing test. Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Powder Numbers after Selling 10 Million Units in Its First Month

In today’s smart phone market not all boils down to launch a device and forget, and is that marketing and pomp also have some of the blame on the success of a high-end smartphone.

All manufacturers know this and are quick to boast about sales figures, so the largest manufacturer of phones in the world could not be less. Samsung has just announced its new ship logo, the Samsung Galaxy S4, has pulverized all his records sales with 10 million units sold in less than a month. Continue reading

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Cartridge Ortofon Cadenza Red

In contrast to the comparable priced Ortofon Valencia is the coil material Ortofon cadenza red (950 euros) pure silver.

  1. Cartridge Ortofon cadenza Red
  2. Data sheet

There’s hardly a pickup manufacturer that hoarding such a rich collection in his building blocks like Ortofon. And the Danes for new products know how to use this. This time for a new series, which goes by the name Candenza. This is the best red – like in the newer Ortofon series usual – with 950 euro. However, it has been the low-resonance metal housing which Ortofon 1999 introduced the Jubilee (1/99). It is so precisely manufactured according to a sintering process under pressure and heat and put together that it requires no screw or glue joints. Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Appears in Brown Confirming More Options

Samsung is the largest manufacturer of the mobile market, and part of its enormous success is based on putting always the duckling in all possible market gaps, sometimes with even several terminals that overlap in design or characteristics. Continue reading

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Headphone Processor Smyth Realiser A8

What makes the Smyth Realiser A8 (2900 euro), sounds like magic: he simulates a listening room complete with all its properties via headphones.

  1. Headphone processor Smyth Realiser A8
  2. Dummy head Stereophony

Imagine listening to music, and practically you cannot distinguish whether you hear just the headphones or your speakers in the sursauturer room. -In short – that is the effect of the Smyth Realiser A8. The idea comes from the recording studio technology. The technology to the sound engineer to enable to test its mix in different environments, to check how the mix for a spot in a large cinema sounds without leaving the control room – about. On the other hand she do portable the own listening room, to prepare a life mix for home use as spot. Continue reading

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