Huawei Ascend P7 Presented to May

Huaweis next flagship, Ascend P7, will be presented in may at an event in Paris.

Chinese Huawei has invited to a press event on 7 April. May in Paris, where all the indications are that the next generation of their flagship product, namely Ascend P7, will be on display.

There have previously been leaked images of Ascend P7, and now several of its kind emerged, this time from the Chinese TENAA, which approves electronics.

Ascend P7 appears to get fine specifications with a 5 “1080 p screen, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB of storage space, 1.6 GHz quad-core processor and a 2460mAh battery. In addition, it is reported that Ascend P7 will have a 13MP primarily camera and all the 8MP camera front.


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New Samsung Series on the Road

Samsung has sent an invitation out, that strongly suggests that the Koreans will launch a new product series.

‘The moment’ Kapture says on the invitation from Samsung, which call for a press event in Singapore, where it is expected that Samsung will launch a new product line. The intentional spelling errors indicate that the series will be called Galaxy K.

Speculation is that Galaxy K is the telephone, having previously been the rumor as Galaxy S5 Zoom. It seems that the Zoom portion of the Galaxy S series breaks out and gets his own series under the name Galaxy K.

The specifications on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy K is a 4.8 “720 p screen, six-core processor, 2 GB RAM and a 20MP camera with 10 x optical zoom. In addition, a xenon flash, and then the camera does not protrude as much as it does on Galaxy S4 Zoom.

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Windows Phone 8.1-Our First Impression

Windows Phone 8.1 has been available for developers-we have downloaded and tried out the new version.

Monday was Microsoft’s upcoming version of Windows Phone made available to anyone with a developer account and ditto phone.

At our site, we have downloaded and tested Windows Phone 8.1, and after 24 hours, we note that several of the new features make Windows Phone to a powerful and even more user friendly system. Continue reading

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Telekom Sine A602 Touch

With Bluetooth, touchpad and buttons on the base, dominates the Telecom model some tricks, but also dispenses with features.

  1. Telekom sine A602 touch
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

Sine A602 by Deutsche Telekom the touchscreen smartphones were apparently Godfather, because even the design DECT from Bonn and Hong Kong can be controlled entirely via touch. Of course there is no gesture control, only the conventional buttons have been replaced by touch-sensitive surfaces. The operation works better than expected, still applies: those who opt for this model, should have – had time it definitely in the T-point in hand because the touch operation of this kind is not for everyone. No matter of taste is, however, the display: displays content white on black and top can be read. Continue reading

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Densen B 110 Power Amplifier

Flat, stylish and with an output level that works outside of feedback loops. May the best B 110 (1600 euro) with such circuit refinements tear test victory in itself?

  1. Densen B 110 power amplifier
  2. Data sheet

110 B brings a similar to chic, from a massive aluminum upper and existing shell case with more than four times more expensive big brother B 175 (test in stereoplay 5/10). He has also the same clever volume control, which draws attention with lively contact rattles on. Continue reading

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Motorola Atrix 4 G in the First Check

Motorola’s Atrix 4 G on the way to the laptop with the right accessories and home replace the Media Center. Connect was able to gain an impression of Motorola’s first Android Smartphone with a dual-core processor.

[Update: We have now tested the Motorola Atrix. [ Here’s the full test with all measurement results.] LG will be in this country probably faster with its Optimus speed and bring the first Smartphone with a dual-core processor, but in the United States, the Atrix 4 G will come in the first quarter on the market. Continue reading

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Long Lace Dresses To Party

The rent is a widely used material in the world of fashion is not something that happens a short time, the tent comes a long time having several significant holdings in the fashion world. Continue reading

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Nine Sensors of The Samsung Galaxy S4, Scene

The South Korean company introduced the Samsung Galaxy S4 almost a month ago, and during that event just details were given about the the device hardware, Since all the attention focused on the software. Continue reading

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Black Widow Halloween Costume and Tutorial

A Black Widow Spider is a lady who brought an or better several spouses around the corner according to the mating cannibalism of the eponymous spider. So this is a wonderful and simple Halloween costume idea. Continue reading

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At Every Age A Toy

The best toy is not the expensive s m, but which best suits the personality, age and maturity of the or or, and that allow you, first of all, play with his family Toys are the Tools id neos to stimulate the ps quicas, emotional and motor abilities of the or or. Continue reading

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Network Complete System of Philips MCi 900

The new complete system Philips MCi900 (1000 euros) with the idiosyncratic SoundSphere speakers wants to combine comfortable network with real HiFi.

Bet, you have one at home? A Philips. Maybe the light bulb in the night light, the batteries in the remote control, the electric toothbrush or a blender? Hardly any other brand is globally present in the household. Even if outside, not the well-known Philips logo emblazoned, drives, semiconductor (by NXP’s daughter) or other inventions from the bustling home stuck in many CD – and DVD players of the world. Not to mention the audio CD itself, the DVD or the Blu-ray disc. Continue reading

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Samsung Presents Smartwatch: New Galaxy Note 3

After many rumors Samsung has now let the cat out of the bag and presented its new Smartwatch. The South Korean Group is also in charge of the IFA. Here is a brief overview: Continue reading

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Long Party Dress Which Shoe Should I Wear?

On most occasions it is common for women to be in doubt about what to wear when they choose a long party dress. Continue reading

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Tips For Using Long Dresses For Wedding

Even if you are only a guest, there are many doubts about the clothes better suited, because normally women always have doubts as to what to wear, so depending on the time of the party, these questions can still be bigger, and what woman never went through that.

Continue reading

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Rumors of a Galaxy Note III 5.9 Screen Inch Pick Up Strength

Yet the S4 Galaxy in our hands and between glances at a mini version of the phone, we get rumors about the big house, the Galaxy Note III. And is that according to rumors this terminal would grow, this time a larger portion than its predecessor, which remained in the 5.5 inch.

According to the Korea Times, which coined the word phablet a day will continue to have reasons to be so called, and is that those rumors that we had seen on this terminal up to the 5.9 inches they pick up strength. Continue reading

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How To Wear Legging Pants

Today we are going to talk about an indispensable piece in the modern woman’s look: thelegging pants. Continue reading

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How To Choose The Most Suitable Children’s Toys

Approaching the most anticipated night of the year for children. The night of magic and illusion. We’ve all been good.  Continue reading

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Amplifier Unison Unico Nuovo

At the unison Unico Nuovo (1800 euros) put the Italians not only on the tube input stage. Go for tube similar as possible even with the semiconductor circuits.

  1. Amplifier unison Unico Nuovo
  2. Data sheet

The Unico Nuovo got the usual over all feedback: course is a relatively delicate-looking, so that – take the harmonic THD upper shaft structure too much in disarray by too strong effect in slower oscillation and inevitably less precise opposites in fast. Continue reading

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Tennis Bracelet Buying Guide

The tennis bracelet is a must in the world of jewelry, a timeless classic that all women wish for your jewelry collection. Currently on the market you can find the most tennis bracelets various prices, from € 20,000.00 for a diamond tennis to € 30.00 for a tennis bracelet cute but that are “satisfied” to have of zirconia. Continue reading

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Skirt with Button Front: Tips to Rock This Trend

A new trend that is taking care of the female look is the skirt with buttons in front. Simple and stylish at the same time, she has appeared a lot and in completely different combinations, showing that the piece is quite versatile. Continue reading

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Model Of Long Dress For Day To Day

Summer fashion always refers to the patterned dresses, but it does not mean that these models should only be worn on the hottest days of the year. Continue reading

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