Wearables Will Be the Future? [Vote]

Producers seem sure of it, but what says our site readers to the new wave of smartphone-centric gadgets?

The list gets longer and longer, when you have to list all the wearables up that are on the market, or who are on their way. The big firms reckon that wearables are new, lush pastures for them, and therefore rates of several big names of wearables.

Here on the mobile site, we have even tested the Samsung Gear 2 recently, and we’ve also had his fingers in a few Google Glass, where we had demonstrated some of the features, and are predominantly optimistic, if only so the idea more than the products as they are right now.

But what do you mean about wearables? It will be the future, or runs it all out in the sand? Finally, type a justification and your thoughts to your answer in the comment box!

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Skype Makes Group Video Free

Now it is no longer reserved for those who have paid for a premium subscription with Skype, which can benefit from video conversations with several at a time.

It has been free to have video conversations with several at times on Skype. It happens in an attempt to keep the competition from Google and their Hangouts at Bay in the battle for video chat users.

Skype was the first who introduced the video conversations with several at a time, but it is an option that has been reserved for the paying consumers since 2011.

In a statement says Skype, too, that they will make the possibility of these video calling groups available for several platforms in the future, which probably means that it will be an option from your mobile phone too.

Right now it is not possible to have group video calling from the phone even if you have paid for the premium subscription.

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Stephen Elop Earn Big on Nokia-Sale

There are enough great content with Stephen Elop, when he changes the Nokia out with Microsoft on the business card.

After having been head of Nokia, which, as we know, has sold the mobile portion of the business to Microsoft, Stephen Elop takes over Microsoft in the Department for ‘Devices and Studio Business’, and it will be he well paid for.

Elop may call themselves good 180 million dollars richer as a result of the switch.

The amount is in addition to an amount of money also comes in the form of shares, where Elop stands to get about 25 percent more than first estimated, just because a part of early retirement package comes in the form of shares.

Microsoft accounts for 70 percent of the amount, while Nokia will pay the rest.

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New Photos of LG G3

LG’s next top model, LG G3, have appeared on a few new images.

Korean LG are ready to present their newest top model later this month, and a few new images show that the phone itself also appears to be ready for a presentation.

The images match the first frame, we could show here on the site, but it is extremely limited, what else you can get out of the pictures.

Rumors go that LG G3 will have a QHD display with a resolution of 1440×2560 pixels spread across 5.5 “, like the LG should have put his own octa-core processor in the G3. It is also expected that the G3 will come with 3 GB RAM, and thus should specifications Sun fairly well in line with the other major, new flagships.


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Peek-in Is a Disturbing Piece of Spy Phone Camera Accessories

If you want to take a picture without unnoticed for your point of view, so can Peek-in helping to cope with the task.

Inventors and producers will surprise you from time to time with gadgets, accessories and grejer we do not believed we needed. The category “wearables” (portable gadgets) must also say to hear within the group. Here are the Google Glass made unfortunate noticed, especially due to the fact that the smart glasses will be accused of violating privacy.

Google’s innovation comes not free, so if you instead want to make some obscure and revealing snapshots of friends, then you could look at Peek-in. Here we have instead grab a moving mirror which can be fitted on your Smartphone camera.  Continue reading

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Reward for Pókemon-the Masters

Google is ready with a reward to all those that took all 151 pókemons in their april fool on Google Maps.

Did you find all the 151 pókemons, since Google world map filled with the little monsters from Japan? If you did, there may be a reward on its way to you.

Google has, in fact, intend to reward all the pókemon-champions, who got caught them all with a little surprise. Google has sent a message out, where you can fill out a form, so that Google can send a small gratuity for the eager pókemon-fans.

It’s a physical thing that is talking about, and Google should use 4-6 weeks to get distributed the surprises, but there are no reports about what it actually is.

If only an American thing as not rewarding the industrious Danes is not known.

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5 Ways to Use Faux Fur, “Fake Fur”

I know that I might be committing heresy by completing this sentence, but I’ve never been a person. When I got my first dog (at 20 years!) was terrified to take a bite and the pet wasn’t even completed two months. Today my son is about to turn one year and I’ve developed a love so great that I never thought were possible. I don’t feel afraid to approach other dogs, but I’m terrified of cats and practically, Gecko phobia quote most common fears. Continue reading

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How to Put False Eyelashes

I’ve had enough of hearing in the places where I step, like malls, shops, parties, a question that when they stare at my eyes, I already know it comes:”Do you use false eyelashes?” Continue reading

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4 Tips to Develop the Perfect Bra

If you work with lingerie production or beachwear, you have to be aware of one fact: one of the biggest annoyances for women is wearing an uncomfortable bra. Continue reading

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Get a Free Tesla-Walk with Drivr [Tip]

Danish Drivr provides a free taste of an electric taxi this weekend.

Success-app Drivr, formerly known as Click A Taxi, find new ways to improve driving pleasure from the back seat. In the next 12 months will Drivr deploy a fleet of 50 of the world’s most luxurious electric cars from California-based Tesla.

The official launch will be first for the summer, but as a general test of Teslaernes system, will Drivr users in and around Copenhagen, could get a free trip with Tesla and driver. Continue reading

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Guide to Prepare Fishing Rod

Preparing fishing rod is a basic routine in fishing days. Many of our readers may be more than familiar with this task, but if you’ve come here disoriented and looking for answers, then this article is for you. Continue reading

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One of the most important items in a campground is lighting. I have several options of lanterns as well as other light options. As this is intended to be a technology blog, I’m going to spend some technical details I raised personally.Are not exact data, but gives an idea for comparative effect. Continue reading

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Evangelical Fashion Dresses, Skirts, Blouses and More

Beautiful and evangelical kittens who have arrived at Belas Tips with the intention of finding the most beautiful models of evangelical fashion photos.

Know that you have arrived on the right page, which brings the best trends in fashion, beauty, and everything a woman deserves to know. Continue reading

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Pimp My Printer – Printer Cartridges Refill at Epson B500DN, B510DN

This week we have our Epson B500DN inkjet printer pimped;-) First of all but a few facts about our faithful printing machine and the printer cartridges. Continue reading

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Happy Hour Is Now

Statement jewellery – statement jewellery, colourful like a cocktail. The ingredients:luminescent crystals and sparkling rhinestones. We serve the most beautiful models, our favorite bartender Cammack from the “Schumann’s” mix the appropriate drinks Continue reading

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The Choice of the Right Watch

A watch on your wrist can provide a more stylish appearance and complete your outfit.In order to always be able to use the right watch for every occasion, it is recommended to create a small watch collection.Whether for everyday life, sports or a party – the watch is far more than just an ordinary timepiece and can be a wonderful accessory with which you can look for attention. Continue reading

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Long Skirts – Pictures, Tips, Trends

Long Skirts Models

Every day that passes we can come across some fashionable news, which are countless of course and are always pleasing the female audience, who are always eyeing all the latest fashion. You must have seen that long skirts are being used a lot this winter, they are stealing the scene everywhere, especially in fashion shows that are bringing unique novelties in long skirts to make women look more beautiful and modern. Continue reading

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Why Choose the Tag Heuer Sunglasses

Tag Heuer sunglasses are famous all over the world. The first time Tag Heuer launched a line of sunglasses and grade was in 2002 with the innovative “Sport Vision”. Continue reading

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Burda Style – March

Magical Autumn

We started this month with a magical edition. Every season we want to renew our looks and we need a lot more than motivation, but that special touch. Continue reading

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Reading List App Ready for Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft has released the Reading List for Windows Phone 8.1 that synchronizes with the same app for Windows.

The latest version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8.1, is not yet available for all, yet the first apps for the platform started to roll out.

A good example is Microsoft’s Reading List that lets the user share news, articles and blog posts for later reading.

In the Reading List, it is possible to categorize news, and at the same time, the list is synchronized with the same app in Windows, so that the user has access to saved news and articles on both PC and Windows Phone.
Continue reading

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Denny, the Technological Bicycle

How about having a bicycle named Denny? Does that sound odd to you? But knowing this project, it may be that the name doesn’t make so much difference. Continue reading

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