Will It Be a Success Ubuntu for Android?

A couple of days ago we announced that Canonical launched Ubuntu for Android, a way to have a desktop system in our mobile phone when we connected it to a dock. The idea is very interesting and Motorola takes time working on it. Canonical gives you another lap, since Android is not a desktop system He proposes another operating system to run on the phone when we connect it to the dock, Ubuntu, sharing information between the two systems and the kernel.

Personally I think that the idea is excellent. If you have a high-end phone you can have a phone and a fully functional computer, with all the possibilities that offer a system with Ubuntu in the same place. However from there to the commercial success is a step, and I see some clouds on the horizon, which I will enumerate.

Ubuntu for Android, doubts about their success

First, your phone must support a dock, which is not available in all high end phones. Doubt arises also the of the performance, even in mobile me very powerful, when we put in desktop mode, since the resources are shared between Android and Ubuntu. But well, we can accept that these things can be solved with more powerful hardware and if it is not ready for all the terminals today, can be to the inside of a few months.

I see more serious problems from the point of view of access to the hardware. It seems, Ubuntu runs directly on the kernel, like Android. Therefore It is necessary to be root for this idea. I.e., for tinkering would be something very cool, but if you want to give a commercial viability has to be agreements with manufacturers and is something in which Canonical should work now if you want to be a success. Devices should come with a mixed system Android / Ubuntu’s factory, this is not a simple application to install.

I see the second obstacle in the adoption of Ubuntu as desktop environment. First of all I want to clarify that I am Ubuntu user since a long time ago and consider it perfectly functional for most people. But if you want to succeed in this idea, having a mobile phone that is habitual use computer at the same time, you have to overcome the reluctance of people to have a computer with Windows. If the Android user want to have in addition another computer with Windows, the idea of a device for all will not succeed.

Ubuntu for Android, conclusions

The main thing that Ubuntu for Android to succeed is that come from factory at multiple terminals, There are docks and everything runs first. From there the success of Canonical will depend on the reception that has among the general public, but of course if terminals are not in the market with Ubuntu for Android pre-loaded, there will be no success or by chance, and only fans of Linux and Android will use it and lose time playing with mixed ROMs Android / Ubunutu.

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