Vodafone Introduces The Internet Rate with You 2 Hours

Vodafone “launches a new rate of flexible mobile connectivity within your catalog, it is of”Internet with you 2 hours”. This new mobile service from the company introduces the possibility of hiring a broadband connection to use for 2 hours a day, to taste of the consumer, for a price of 19 euros per month.

With the fee, we can also purchase the White K3765 modem based WiFi, that allows navigation of up to 7.2 Mbps. Its price is of 9 euros. Of course, we must clarify some points of this offer below.

Mobile tariff “Internet with you” 2 hours can take comfortably in use by minute throughout the day in 2 hours, as any other flat fee. Once it reaches the limit navigation It will be cut to the 06.00 pm the next day. The use of the bandwidth of this fee is free except for Roaming, SMS, VoIP and P2P.

This rate appears then that already announced Vodafone in its day and that focused on clients seeking an unlimited data traffic. The new rate is clearly aimed at users who do not seek to give a continuous use your mobile connection but which require a high bandwidth in it. The rates that offers the most direct competition of this new rate of sporadic use tend to have a speed of 64 Kbps.

Comment that with the WiFi base included with the Modem, you can connect up to 5 units at the same time to share the 3G connection. In addition the base It is compatible with other models of USB modem (K3765, K3565, E220, E172 and K3520), so the specifications shall be those of the USB Modem, you connect.

The new rate will be available from on 10 may and you can hire up to August 31. Anyone who is interested in the offer and hire it within these dates, will enjoy it forever.

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