They Say That Beats You Would like to Have Your Own Phone

From product to product is presented at the IFA 2012, there is also place for rumors, this time associated with Beats Electronics. Company known in the world for his relationship with HTC, both at the enterprise level and in the use of technology in phones.

Specializing in audio technology, and successfully in the world of headphones, through mobile phones has not been as good as they expected. The family of phones One has not sold are especially well, and that is a line of notable products in quality and design.

As a result of this situation started to talk about that HTC would do not use Beats on their phones, but both sides have denied it. It said would even be an aspect to take into account to reduce the final price of their phones.

We are going with the rumor, which Beats putting together their own phones, would even be interested in take a bigger step and make other electronic products, as televisions.

The phone would be manufactured by HTC, but it would not appear in the branding of the device, and use Android as an operating system, but with an own beats customization. Accessories and audio quality would be a really unique aspect, beyond what we have been presenting with HTC.

As for TV, refers to that he would take care to a manufacturer consolidated the development of the same, someone style Samsung. With the different Beats TV, and speaker and house technology.

It seems that the interest of Beats, both in TVs and phones, would create service and content style iTunes channel, having total control of the platform.

We can not consider it done, but if materialize seems me a too risky, since there are too many proposals in the market, with sponsors more powerful.

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