The Live Wallpapers Available for Download SII Galaxy

We have seen over and over again information of the Samsung Galaxy SII, We have seen videos and we know that the terminal is very close. In these videos we could see how Samsung phone comes with two Live Wallpapers custom, that thanks to Rawat, a member of xda-developers, can now try on our Android.

The two Live Wallpapers are simple, but get a colorful and beautiful result. In the first one we will see a field with wind turbines that, according to the climate, will change sky that accompanies the image in movement of the windmills. In the second, which is similar to the first, we will see a Beach with moving water, Although the waves are choppy and fps can not be changed.

It is possible to vary the time of update the climate to win battery, 10 minutes to 6 hours. The two Live Wallpapers are not available in the Market, so you’ll have to download them and install them manually yourselves. You can get them from these links:

Wind farm Beach

We leave you with a video so you can see them running live:

View the video at the original site.

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