The App Mailbe at Cleans Up Smartphones Brings Order to the Files on the Smartphone

For those who would like more right in their Smartphone, there’s the app clean up which can be used on all Android smartphones. Users can create with her including an other folder overview.

Your email inbox overflowing and heard once again cleaned up? If you it even does not want to do it, then let it make but the new app “” for you. The app was developed by the Munich-based start-up ExB with the aim to facilitate communication. The app is an email management application that as first app detects at all even the contents of emails, can sort them, filters, and can sort them not only to the addressees, but also according to topics and content. It’s matter of linguistically to recognize the context of content and to predict what the user wants to do. The result is the app based on years of research and development work in the area of predictive data detection, so the Chief and founder of ExB, Ramin Assadollahi. could get many things done automatically. So recognizes the app from where an email will be sent (for example from the Office) and one then fails the next time determined group of recipients before (our colleagues in the Office). The technique of the app based on the platform PTPT linguistically analyzed data according to the categories of people, things, places, and time and recognizes.

A great advantage of the app: Launches their predictive analysis work directly on the Smartphone, it is particularly secure, because it sends no data on other servers to evaluate. When it comes to Assadollahi, soon more apps should follow on the app, based on the same principles. So, for example the app to recognize similarities in digital photo collections. She could then see the photos according to motives or put together for them.

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