Stephen Elop: Android Is Too Fragmented

What Stephen Elop, the CEO of Nokia, is not a big fan of Android is no surprise. Already in his day, to shortly after forging the union with Microsoft, he talked about how little he liked Google’s operating system. According to him, all androids are equal. A categorical statement easy to disassemble to the variety of devices that are on the market.

Now, Elop changes his speech in an interview to Pocket Lint during the past CES 2012. “We went from the”all Android are equal”to the problem of fragmentation. An issue that is a matter of differentiation and not so much something to make fragile ecosystem of the operating system for Google people.

It is ironic that Elop talk about the fragmentation of Android and forget that your own company is looking for Add unique features on their phones with Windows Phone to get a competitive advantage over other manufacturers that also opt for the Microsoft operating system.

However, not everything will be critical to Stephen Elop. In another interview with a TechRadar criticizes the proliferation of multicore processors on mobile devices:

It is not necessary to have quad-core processor on your phone, unless you want to keep your hands warm in the Pocket. We believe in the user experience.

In my opinion I think that it is most successful focus on the user experience and not so much create a technological race to see how many cores we put on a processor. It is clear non-parallel issues, which can be improved in both directions without any problem. However, to date, few applications to justify the existence of so many nuclei and battery-saving is not so remarkable.

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