Squibble, More Platforms Games on Android

We present another set of platforms for our Android. It’s Squibble, a game with good gameplay MassHabit Games developed by Canadian developer and original.

The protagonist is a friendly Octopus who has been captured by fishermen and they locked it in a fishbowl. Our mission is to return to the ocean along its 20 levels where we will have to climb up walls, ceilings, dodging enemies or areas where we do not tread on.

View the video at the original site.

As we can see in the video we will go through two of its tentacles, that will make that we can move forward, climb, descend, balancing us, and use slingshots to jump. We have to go forward in getting the drops of water to hydrate ourselves and follow the arrows to find the exit of each level.

Squibble is priced at 1.92 dollars, about 1.40 euros, but also offer a Lite version with the first six levels so let’s try before the game. In the paid version levels increase up to 20, but they warn that new areas of exploration will be added free of charge.

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