Special Ice Cream Sandwich: Which Devices Officially Receive Ice Cream Sandwich

It’s time to say goodbye to our special dedicated to Ice Cream Sandwich. After several deliveries where we have reviewed various aspects of the operating system, today we take close to talk about which models will receive or have received already, upgrade to the latest version of Google’s operating system.

After seeing two days ago a few unofficial ROMs, for devices that unfortunately will not come from the manufacturer, let’s talk about that this year, late or early you will see Ice Cream Sandwich. For ease of reading, and find your model, we have separated the terminals according to the company. Made this brief introduction to the nougat.

ASUS, rich ice cream Android for their mobile and its tablets

Things clear: ASUS is working very well the subject of updates. His Transformer family is up to date and all models this year, along with the Padfone, will come with Ice Cream Sandwich of series. Not surprisingly, fortunately.

HTC, renovating almost the entire range of 2011

The year last HTC took some few criticisms for its upgrade policy, in particular with the HTC Desire, although they recularon Finally, while the work of the developer community was better. This year the Taiwanese did not want that he caught the bull and has decided to renew almost all models of last year.

Namely: HTC Sensation, XL, Desire HD and Desire S. Remains outside the Wildfire family, the Explorer, and Cha Cha Cha. On the other hand, all handsets by 2012, which will arrive shortly, will have Ice Cream Sandwich of factory. We already try them during the last MWC and the impressions were very good.

LG, the eternal promise of updates

The Korean company has carved notoriety with this issue: promises and more promises for some updates that are slow to arrive. At the moment we give a vote of confidence to LG and stayed with its announcement that both 2 X and the 3D and the Black will receive Ice Cream Sandwich. If so, when? Wait until seated, because things are going for long.

In terms of news for this year. Both the Vu as the 4 X and L family they will come with this version of the series. Meanwhile, the 3D Max will stay in Gingerbread, at least for a few months from its release date. Thus confirmed what us representatives of the brand in the Mobile World Congress.

Samsung, ice cream for the high range

Today Ice Cream Sandwich is landing in the Galaxy SII throughout the world. To the Galaxy Note It will also come, although we have to wait a bit yet. The Tab 10.1 will also be updated and of course the high range to take out this year will come standard with this version.

As a point to say that the Galaxy Beam, while series will come with Gingerbread, You can update to Ice Cream Sandwich a few months of its release, remember that it has not scheduled a date. Families Ace and Mini, both in 2011 as a 2012 model, will have to be content with Gingerbread.

Sony, Ice Cream Sandwich for almost all

First we learned that the formerly known as the Sony-Ericsson was intended to update all Xperia range throughout the year. Weeks later, with the release of the first beta, we started to know exactly what will receive it: the Xperia Arc S, Neo V and Ray. The rest of the range is a mystery and a model whereby expected an update Yes or Yes is the Xperia S.

The rest, sporadic updates or if you have seen I do not remember

After covering the main manufacturers, perhaps more than one wonder wherever his Android. Not bad, If you have a Motorola RAZR will be not problem: There will be update soon. The rest of the American company terminals seems that they are no longer updated, although their tablets Yes.

On the other hand Chinese manufacturers, Huawei and ZTE, is shirking of mobile phones which have been released in 2011. All indications are that there will be updates, although their models for this year if to come ready. Acer, for its part, if that will update its tablets.

For everything else, the homemade ROMs. As we saw the other day yet there is much work to do to get Ice Cream Sandwich to more models, but it is a matter of time. As a curiosity, take a look at this diagram to find out if your Android or not receive CyanogenMod 9.

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