Special Ice Cream Sandwich: New Interface and Many New Features

Although several months ago that Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich debuted as update most ambitious operating system from Google, somewhat less than two per cent of devices in use today is this version.

It is evident that the market penetration is not good, although we are close to the dates given by most manufacturers for their updates, even the Android smartphone most sold, Samsung Galaxy SII, will receive shortly the new version.

This is why, now that virtually all we can enjoy Ice Cream Sandwich in our androids, we decided in Xataka Android that it is necessary to make a Special with new.

Roboto: a specific font for a new operating system

Android 4.0 was designed after Google’s hiring of Matias Duarte, the father of acclaimed webOS interface. The first legacy that leaves us this fact is one new typography, It is designed specifically for Android.

This new source of characters, known as Roboto, is focused on the small screens of devices, and optimized for ease of reading high definition displays text.

Despite all the controversy to his around, the truth is that the improvement has been great, enough to see the lock screen or the launcher from any device Ice Cream Sandwich to realize that the new typography, even with large size letter, is much more enjoyable view.

Simple, refined and evolved interface

The new interface of Android Ice Cream Sandwich introduces fully in an operating system more mature, much more refined and care, with better animations and pretty amazing fluidity.

Starting with the new unlock screen, We see that the design is now much cleaner, with a central lock at the bottom that will allow us to part of the aforementioned release, more options how to directly open the camera. In addition, now you can also Add a personal message or deploy the notification without having to unlock bar.

As for the desktop, see that it maintains the horizontal scroll typical Android by five windows fully customizable, that we fill with lots of Google Play or which brings the device pre-installed widgets.

The new launcher’s Ice Cream Sandwich includes native improvements that many claimed, as the resizing of widgets, You can access a widget by holding and releasing it immediately.

More improvements that it had become essential are also the native screenshot, We now have available by pressing the locking button and the lower volume, combination that will leave us with a snapshot of the current screen to a specific folder in the internal memory.

We also see improvements in phone functions, as when receiving calls will have more options aside from hanging and hanging, and may reject the call with a text message directly.

Own the phone application, has been also improved a lot more careful graphically and integrating records of calls and contacts, These last ones we’ll see headlines for photos of the Favorites, followed by the most called numbers and finally the full list of contacts.

In addition, if we look at the Application Launcher, What is more surprising is that now widgets are integrated into the, showing a preview of the widget, which we hold to drag it anywhere on your desktop.

We are also a direct access to the store of applications up to the right, and lose the vertical carousel of three-dimensional type to implement a horizontal scroll with some very accomplished and fluid transitions.

The new application launcher will series feature a 4 × 5 matrix icons, and opaque black background, along with the new typography, helps greatly to a better readability of applications.

Everything in the new interface, from the smaller chart to the most striking animations, has been care to detail to get an operating system with a consistent and clean visual sensation, as well as a more fluid and intuitive handling.

Improvements in system notifications, settings and in multi-tasking

Android 4.0 also integrates a new taskbar, element that comes to improve the already if excellent Android notifications management.

This new bar, color translucent but dark, integrates a direct access to the settings, In addition to the complete date but no day of the week. From there you can access as always applications that notify an event, and now we will be able Delete notifications one by one by dragging them laterally.

Settings now have a more pleasing appearance, and offer us a new sort of submenus, with the possibility to enable or disable functions directly, as WiFi or Bluetooth, no need to enter in any of these submenus.

In addition, include new features very popular, as one improvement in the statistics of the battery system, that has been extended to a full monitoring of consumption data menu.

As if all this wasn’t enough, the multitasking management It has been amended to adapt it to the idea that Matias Duarte already introduced in webOS with the famous “ cards ”. Now we will have a exclusively dedicated to the multitasking button, and the press see a list with preview of all applications that are open.

Use this new multitasking management is very simple, if we are in an application and want to jump to another simply pressing the dedicated button and click on the preview of the corresponding application. In addition, if we want to close an application in concrete, We will only have to drag it out of the screen horizontally.

Using Android buttons and new features

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich includes many new features, and although we will continue shelling them in future articles of this special, good is to emphasize some of them.

The newest of the new version of Android is perhaps that the operating system is now suitable to operate without physical keypads, Since for devices that do not have this hardware, as the Galaxy Nexus, enables a lower virtual keypad.

Another striking aspect now only used three dedicated buttons, one to backtrack, the Start button and the access to multi-tasking. The rest of the menus are displayed in your own applications, with a few buttons in the form of vertical ellipsis to be placed generally in the right top or bottom corner.

Also for beginners in the operating system, an option that will show us an explanation of the buttons is enabled by keeping them for a few seconds.

Finally, we highlight the vaunted “ unlock & #8221 face;, that far from being as useful and safe on the market, it is an extension and an improvement in required security settings that you can configure to unlock the device. Using it is simple, because the system It will keep our face image for comparison using the front camera when you want to unlock your device.

We ended up placing you to remain vigilant to Xataka Android, because in the coming days we will see more about Ice Cream Sandwich, as improvements in Google applications, the new management of memory, use different tricks or the list of devices that will be updated in the coming weeks.

Do you like the new version of Android?

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